Any chance that we might see pilot view in the future?

After playing with it for a bit I noticed that the camera is still influenced by the environment, which is fine for regular but it isn’t really what I’m looking for. Like for example when it gets too close to an object it will still try to move a way even when locked to a target, thus ruining the angle and defeating the purpose.

I wonder if there is something in the toolkit to override that.



shorcut commands I suppose ?

Yes, shortcut commands

-superZoom   lets you zoom until the camera is at the origin of a focused object
-screenshotcam   makes it so the camera can pass through any non-focused object

Using both or either can have odd effects on NIS sequences. Playing the tutorial with these commands is a pain in the rear.

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Can’t wait to start using these functions :wink:


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The CamAction are very cool, see my utube for their result in making videos (defense field frigate video uses CamActions:

However, if you can add them to UI can these functions be called in a mission map to create in game Scenes? e.g. is there some way in a mission LUA file to call the CamAction to do its thing from an AddCamera point of a specific SOBGroup? This would make making scenes for missions very nice!



That’s a good question !
I don’t know if those CamAction functions can be called in mission file. Not all the functions are useable in the mission files if I remember correctly, and I’m clearly not an expert on the mission side of things, so it will difficult for me to answer that :confused:
Perhaps @Mikali could help on that part ?

I don’t see those functions in the wiki, so I have no idea.

Just to be clear in case you misunderstood, we were not talking about the question in the title of the thread at all :wink:

Doh. :frowning2:

No problem, don’t worry ^^

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