Any Chance they will add these?

Double penetrating unkempt Harold is my main gun in BL2.

Also Magic Missile Grenade mod.

Why not add these to BL3?

Do you think they will eventually?

I don’t see a need for them.


how do you want to implement a slag weapon?
you could call the piss the new magic missle

MM nade is tied to Slag element so it seems unlikely unless the element changes. Otherwise possible in future DLCs. Who knows?

I wanna see Norfleet make a return to see utter chaos in this game

The DPUH was like the cutsman in that it spread out in balls of explosive damage.

It created a line of destruction only not with lines, with balls of explosive projectiles.

I still love using it in BL2.

Obviously the slag would have to be changed in MM.

Maybe different elements?

I loved the regeneration and field coverage with this grenade mod.

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I’d say there’s a chance for the Harold but not for the MM. I mean, Bl3 doesn’t have Slag and Slag is the whole point of the Magic Missile anyways

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A cryo Magic Missile lol boom problem solved lol

How about a homing divider It’s Piss grenade? That would be fun.

I’m sure we’ll see the Harold at some point. It was probably the most quintessential pistol in BL2. As long as it’s not so OP it becomes the only meta again, I wouldn’t mind.

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The problem with DPUH is that it skewed the entirety of BL2’s balance, along with Grognozzle, Norfleet, Pimpernel, and the Bee(with any unlisted pellet weapon). Mainly because these weapons special effect was either “do a ton of damage” or "multiply the item card damage by [number of projectiles spawned].

It wasn’t interesting, just absurdly strong.

I suspect if GBX do add the Unkempt Harold back into BL3, it won’t be quite the same as the BL2 version.

Would be interesting to see what they do with the Harold if they brought it back seeing as how the explosive element doesn’t even exist anymore.

I suppose it’d have explosive rounds like the Headsplosion.

Wouldn’t mind seeing it return; sure it’s not interesting, but sometimes a little mindless destruction can be fun.

Honestly I’d rather see more new weapons and items over them bringing things back.


Is there a Torgue pistol with stickies, each of which can have a different element? That could be fun.


the craps <3
my main weapon
or do you mean, different elements on every single projectile with the same gun?

I could have sworn the Unkempt Harold was in early demos.

BL3 Devastator is basically an Unkempt Harold.

Any Cloning MIRV Homing grenade is basically a Magic Missile.

I wouldn’t hold your breathe for them to add these weapons. MAYBE Unkempt Harold but it definitely won’t be as good as BL2.


Harold isn’t needed, there are other more interesting and powerful weapons.

Unkempt harald is to OP to come back so no. Just like the broken vault hunters in BL2 some of those guns would not be able to come back without significant nerfs. To not understand that is to have facts whoosh over your head XD

Tbf a cryo hex with grenade regen on throw is pretty much an equivalent to the MM from BL3