Any Chance we can get the new Character Title Screen Hero Shots as Wallpapers?

Lets be honest, the new character title screen hero pics are amazing.

Would be awesome if they were made available as wallpapers as they would make perfect desktop/laptop/tablet/phone backgrounds.

Fingers crossed :slight_smile:


Are there any others but Ghalt and Beatrix? I’ve seen them 4 times each. Please help. It’s just one after the other

I’ve seen one of Thorn.

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Whoo, good. I find Ghalt boring so good to know there’s more

I have only seen Thorn, Ghalt and Deande so far. I’m taking a screenshot everytime a new one comes up

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Check out @MentalMars.

He has some pretty great wallpapers.

@MidnightNova I really hope that is a raid boss for the heart of ekkunar.

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How awesome are they!

I’ve only seen these ones, but screenshoted them straight away






I knew it when i saw the new loading screen; ‘someone will ask about these screens becoming available for download’

I did make ‘similar’ looking wallpapers over the last year. Counter is up at 153 i believe. Have a look at i also have made a lot of borderlands wallpapers. Enjoy