Any chance we could see additional Mr Torgue commentary during slaughterhouses?

With how outrageous and over the top he is, im surprised the devs didnt consider having him be similar to the Halo announcer when getting multikills and the like. can totally imagine getting a multikill and hearing Torgue yell “MULLLLLTIKILLLLLL” followed by a sick air guitar solo. or even his own killstreak names. Would love to see this happen eventually down the road.


Torgue is by far the best part about doing the Slaughters. I too wish there was more of him during them.


im surprised they didnt have more tbh, i really hope to see more of him in the dlcs to come


I’d love this as well.

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Ohh I agree Mr Torgue is one of the things I love about slaughter events.
Here is a DLC idea. How about a mission or side quest to have Mr Torgue take over the respawn stations from Hyperion.
Jack is gone and Hyperion has no CEO. This sounds like a perfect opportunity for Torgue to make a hostile take over of Hyperions respawn stations…
Now everytime you die you can get one of Mr Torgue’s inspirational speeches about dying when you respawn…
One of my favorite parts of playing slaughter events is when someone goes down and Mr Torgue gives them a inspirational pep talk about dying.


Omg yes please! :joy: Mr Torgue always delivers the best “inspirational” type lines. My fav in Wattle Gobbler was, “When God closes a door, I blow it the (bleep) up!”