Any chance we will get NIS tools (or scripts or intermediate code?)

As far as I know we have never really had the ability to build NIS sequences even with the original maya tools. Any thing I have seen utilizes a lot of SCAR scripting and sobgroup tricks in levels to achieve a similar look, but we don’t have the ability to do better camera movements, control of turrets and ship behavior beyond the stance settings and movetovolumes

I would imagine that even if the tool is pure code or takes an animation export from max, the community could find ways to use the capabilities, especially now that additional modding capabilities for campaigns was added. It would also be very likely that the machinima crowd would be a heavy user.


radar3301 was creating a NIS tool here: [TOOL] NIS Editor

Blender export of animation paths would be da bomb…


We need it.

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As far as I know using the maya tools you can actually make NIS.

See here for an example:

And here’s a small tutorial:

Haven’t forgotten about it; just life got in the way…

if only very old software like Maya3 would become free to use, it would help a lot sometimes

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I’ve heard that even Autodesk has lost the source code of Maya3 and has to download cracked version from the Internet now…

If that’s the case, that’s an even better reason to declare this specific version as free to use (they wouldn’t lose anything money-wise considering the age of it and the fact that they can’t distribute it anymore). Would be better than having to use a version still considered as we speak as pirated

well I guess I forgot about that one… I was never able to get it to work in maya (not everything worked properly for me anyway), but I guess it can be done.

so I was able to get maya 3 working in windows 10 amazingly enough and I am now trying to hunt down all of the appropriate dlls to get the RDN tools working…

while digging through my old files I ran across some RDN source code for the maya plugins. I’m not sure if you had it, but it has .cpp and .h for all of the maya plugins. I guess the only thing that it wouldn’t have is the implementation of the maya api functions

Even more amazingly it did manage to export a working NIS file… pain to do so, but suprisingly maya 3 in windows 10 only seems to have an issue with viewport refreshing between window changes which isn’t horrible (probably some option to redraw on expose or simalar)


No, I’ve never seen that before… I can’t seem to find the NIS files in that, though.

My source for NIS exporting comes from Milkshape, although that is/was a terrible exporter; a lot of extraneous information was exported.

I still have the whole hw2dev folder if needed + a NIS Editor called “NISEd 0.95B” done by 4E534B (I don’t know if it works correctly though)

Here is a WeTransfer link to download the full package :

Lots of archeology here… it looks like the key portion of nis export is in the animexport folder which function headers lines up well with the .mel actions from the RDN tools. Alot of the nis stuff was in the ‘matey’ tool. also it has references to a lot of the other source files like camera, leader, follower, motionpath and keyframe

It also contains the file headers and magic numbers and a lot of the math functions they used.

do you have the mayaplugins .mel scripts?

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@EvilleJedi, huh… Never seen that before, that I recall… I remember something about “matey” but I don’t think I ever tied it to NIS before. (“matey” is a name of one of the HW2 NIS).

I took a quick peek at a couple of those files, and WOW! That’s gonna be super useful!

!!! There’s some files missing from “maya source\plugins\AnimExport”…

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@BitVenom, Any chance you guys got the source for the Maya 3.0 plugins when you (Gearbox) acquired the source code? Or is it pretty much the same as what we already have?

We have what you have. The deliverables we got for much of the ‘support’ stuff came from likely the same sources as the community. Heck, we didn’t even have the proper final sourcecode for the game when we started!


Huh, that’s interesting to note. As a sidetrack to this conversation, how much did you change HW2C to get it out in it’s current state?


Well shoot… I guess it’s back to analyzing machine code…

:scream: Seriously ?
So it was perhaps the good moment for THQ to disband (I don’t mean it in a bad way) or it could have become a HWCataclysm source code situation after a few more years :confused:

They mentioned that during the making of vids… they effectively had to redo the HW2 1.1 patch changes.

I didn’t remember seeing this in the videos, my bad. Thanks for the info !