Any characters better just hacking & slashing? (i.e. no skills)

For what I am about to say let me say that I am talking about PVE only (I don’t play PVP except to farm lore challenges)

As the title states: Are there any characters where using NO SKILLS is more beneficial as it will give them a significant damage/kill increase?

My cousin just unlocked Ghalt and couldn’t really get the hang of him. After many matches he just geared up for shotgun damage and said “screw it!” to using his skills and he regularly comes in #1 on the damage counter

I also noticed this while I was using my Galilea and Phoebe. I would try to gear up to take advantage of my skills and cooldown then noticed my DPS in the party and total kills weren’t doing so hot. So I did away with that and geared solely for AtkDmg/AtkSpd (and another beneficial 3rd gear for damage) and noticed I was also getting #1 in the damage department in my random teams as well

For example on my Galilea I tried to be a “tank”-ish character in a party and use my shield stun and Desecrate and ULT to kind of be crowd control for my other party members and help them kill. Now, I find if I just do my own thing I can kill faster which not only helps me but I kill my own people faster and then I can help my teammates kill their enemies. This has made me more efficient because before I’d usually die trying to save someone if they were having trouble

I know obviously not all characters would benefit from this kind of playstyle. Namely I’m thinking Orendi or Kelvin. Their skills are just too good or have such a low cooldown timer. But are there any characters that actually do well hacking & slashing?

Orendi & Kelvin are definately taking advantage of AtkDmg/AtkSpd-gear. Miko too, if you play him full on damage, but thats a rarity.
I use such gear for Phoebe mainly.

Boldur can pretty much ignore his skills, except for his ultimate, if you gear him up for attack speed/damage.

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Yeah, I’d say that some characters have skills that are a lot more geared towards PvP than PvE.

Ghalt is a good example. His Chain is only really useful when you get the Damage Boost on it, which helps with bosses. Scraptrap dies pretty fast if targeted by enemies and doesn’t do a ton of damage to targets, and the stun is pretty useless in PvE since it’s so specific.
And to me his ULT is one of the worst ones in the game, the hit detection on it is so poor that you’re much better off just firing your gun normally.

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Marquis hands down.

  • Predatory Strike is basically useless until tier 8.
  • Temporal Distortion is only really worth the niche speed boost to beat your teammates to a chest, or to get to one of my favorite sniper perches on “The Renegade”. But like PS I grab ‘Time Killer’ and just use the 2 of them to spew out AoE to kill the really small enemies that aren’t worth my time.
  • Between the charge time, flight time, and high likely hood that Bindleblast will collide with the terrain or an ally, it is almost never worth it to use it. Even if you get an amazingly long range opportunity, it can’t really out DPS your standard attack.

For PvP I can see the direction that they were taking him.

  • A trip mine that can alert you to enemies trying to flank you, allowing you to build yourself a nest with the ability to have 3 off the bat.
  • A slow to make head shots easier.
  • An ability to have wave clear while still at the distance your “role” requires you to be at. And rewarding you for being at that range.

But in PvE it doesn’t click and you are better off using your primary 95% of the time, and gearing around your primary 100% of the time.

At least that’s my 2 cents.

Other character, mainly the movement speed ones that are build around PvP preform worse, but you still want to use their skills in PvE. So I picked Marquis as it seemed to best answer your question.


It’s not “better”. Good player uses skills when he needs them. If a situation doesn’t require to use them, don’t. If damage is the only indicator you take in account measuring how “good” you are, don’t use niche/PVP-oriented skills like those of tanks/supports. Normal public story mode is easiest for a full-DD team.