Any Chinese-American in the community? looking for advice, total off-topic

So total off topic but I thought if there is any parent here who is Chinese-American (or maybe you are the parent of a Chinese American kid) maybe you would have any bit of info that could be helpful to us. My son Lucas is struggling with math and science in class, he is Chinese-American (I am your typical white Texas girl, my husband is born and raised Chinese) so Lucas speaks both English and Mandarin (and a little Spanish), he is in grade 10 and ever since the pandemic started, with all the changes and weird school schedules we have just had to make things work as best as possible on his education, but this school year we are noticing this is not working anymore.

So I have been looking for a statistics tutor near me since he is thinking on doing the AP statistics examination (we wanted him to do it this year, but we may have to push it to next year).and I haven’t been successful in finding a tutoring school which would help him in both his first languages. Therefore, now I am looking for some online math help, specifically an online statistics tutor.

A friend of mine told me she found the StudyPug program for tutoring, which appears to be a Canadian company and which offers services in Mandarin too, but I just want to see all my options.
Do any of you know of a tutoring company where I could find a bilingual statistics tutor in Chinese and English?
Also, anyone here has used the StudyPug website? I would love to hear opinions about it.

Thank you all in advance for your help, any link or phone for educational materials or AP statistics tutoring schools are greatly appreciated.