Any Commando Found a Way to Solo Haderax at OP 10?

I may need to get a friendly Gunzerkers Assistance on this one…

OP 10…I am doing crap damage…

I have tried Sandhawk Bee from the high spot with the chest…I get about a quarter of his health and am out of ammo.

I mix in the Toothpiick and Bee with Mouthwash…I can get a little farther…then he heals dammit and the fight goes to hell with all the flying spores.

I’ve even tried Flakker/World burn swap which is usually MASSIVE damage and I’m just not doing squat.

He doesn’t slag worth a hoot and there must be a mechanic I am missing.

Help/suggestions welcome.

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@Lazydata made a very good guide for this boss:


If all else fails jusy cheese it. :wink:

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My OP8 Axton kills him in one magazine unloaded into the mouth.

Toothpick with Dahl grip, Support gunner, Retainer, Mouthwash, slag Bouncing Bonny. In the skills Gemini and Double up for reliable slag source.

I climb the rock ledge above the entrance to the arena and jump around dodging his attacks waiting for Haderax to appear near me with the crit exposed. After around 4th time he takes enough damage and drops opening the mouth. I jump towards him and shoot the mouth crit spot. Haderax dies.

I don’t know how much harder he is on OP10 (I’d imagine not much) but if you don’t deal enough damage to kill him instantly you can try again after he heals as he doesn’t heal to full health and you’d have to deal less damage than before to kill him. If this somehow doesn’t work swapping to Bee before shooting mouth crit spot should help.

I haven’t tried other builds but I’d imagine Legendary Soldier being better if you get several Toothpicks and swap them with 10/10 Expertise instead of reloading. Also chaotic evil or neutral evil Ranger might be very good.

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Are you at the “old” OP8 which is now level 80 or at the “new” OP8 which would be level 88? The reason I am asking is because I just don’t seem to be doing much damage to him at OP 10 / level 90. I hit that crit spot with a Toothpick/mouthwash and a Bee and I’m not getting near that kind of damage.

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The actual OP8, Haderax is lvl 90.

I don’t know what you might be doing wrong. Make sure you aren’t making some silly mistake like equipping Hard Carry instead of Mouthwash or using underleveled Toothpick.

I’ve just tried killing him with the Legendary Soldier Toothpick-swapping strat and it works very well, +5 Sentry and cooldown rate is very useful for keeping the turrets up. As expected without +6 Overload Toothpick doesn’t kill Haderax in one magazine but deals around 80% of his health so you have to swap to the second Toothpick.

I should get an OP10 Axton and try killing Haderax to be sure it’s possible on OP10. I’ll report to the thread once I do it.


Set up:
Fire lady first
Fire conference call
Slag conference call/pimpernel
Grog ( if you feel like you need it )
Leg soldier/Neutral Evil ranger
Fire bone
Slag bonny/crossfire
In the backpack:
Fire sandhawk

Try to get in one of the safe spots shown by multiple users around there using the toothpick+retainer speed boost, then wait for him to spawn in front of where you are. Place your turret on a wall while he is underground, that saves time btw! Once he comes out, slag him. Once he is slagged you can do two things. You can shoot his crit spot with the lady first or shoot the sandhawk and then switch to the lady fist for the extra critical dmg. He should be stunned there. As soon as he begins his stun animation, jump down and try to slag him again, you can throw a slag nade, use the pimp, whatever, but slag him. Once you land quickly aim for his big mouth critspot with the fire conference call. I have farmed him at op10 with good consistency using this tactique, let me know if you have any fortune with it!

You need to be really precise and get the right timing with this guy. He is basically a DPS test. If you manage to produce a sufficent amount of DPS while he is stunned, you win, if not, he WILL heal, not matter what, sometimes he will not, but mostly he kinda does. So yeah, just get the hang of it and Haderax is a patterned battle


Thank you for the post. I just did it…slightly different equipment but used EXACTLY the same tactic.

And what is strange is I just finished the Raid 10 minutes ago and was going to post my results when I read this.

It’s that crit spot you can see when you are on the ground and he is stunned. Massive Damage. Get to that and you are golden.

Thanks again!

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The conference call REALLY wrecks this guys as shown in a lot of vids xD


So I’ve finally got Axton to OP10 and killed Haderax. He’s just as easy on OP10 as before OP levels. You don’t even need Support Gunner to kill him in one mag, Dahl grip and mag size accessory is enough.

I’ve recorded my kill


That is an odd sentence lol. You can stop him from healing just by shooting him with a fire CC.

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It happened to me several times to " track " him with fire, slag, whatever, and he still got to regenerate, so there must be something more

Btw, if all is done correctly as we’ve seen from all the amazing players out there, second phase doesn’t even show up right? XD


That is really SWEET! You have found all the ledge points to get a back view. And the Toothpick is surprising me the more I play with it

Probably take me about 3 months to find all those ledge points and get used to it…but hey…I am an old guy.

But with a REAL pistol I’m still pretty good…

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That is the only way I was able to beat him. Any time he does the burrowing regen phase I was unable to stop his health regen. Shooting him…slagging him did not seem to be consistent at all.

You need to apply incendiary DoT to him each time he appears and then dives into another tunnel during that phase. Just did the fight in NVHM (level 40 Haderax) w/ my level 54 Axton (couldn’t do it until I went and got an incendiary weapon for this very reason; I only had an incendiary RL, and not enough ammo for it to do the job). If he’s not on fire when he disappears into his chosen tunnel he’ll heal. You can tell when that phase begins because Haderax will pop out of 1 of the 3 usual spots only to immediately dive into 1 of the other 2 (he will heal this time too if he’s not suffering incendiary DoT). He’ll then go snaking through the arena several times before resuming his previous routine with the 3 holes. Each time he disappears, he needs to be DoT’d with incendiary or he’ll heal some that time.

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Thanks for the help/suggestions!

This is so confusing lol

LazyData says use slag (a HIGHLY respected BL2 player and youtuber)
Others say Fire…like you
And still others say you don’t need either…just shoot him enough.

But I think doing it in one phase BEFORE he even goes into that confusion makes the best sense…at least for me and my limited abilities…

For me, I need to kill him before the regen phase. did it with a kill skill axton and a conference call. (kill a worm to proc metal storm and onslaught and fire away on the conference call). But it is on Level 80. haven’t tried it on OP10 yet.

i wish i uploaded the kill, but i got frustrated since no matter what strategy I do, cheesing haderax is still the fastest kill. lol

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I feel your pain :disappointed_relieved:

You need a conference call, the fire one. It allows you to hit the crit spot on the back of his head to stun him. Once he’s down, I just use the conference call to hit the crit spot in his mouth until he’s dead. You’ve got to be quick about it though.