Any confirmed word on Steam/EGS Crossplay?

Pretty much the question is in the OP. I’ve not had much, if any issues out of EGS’ launcher thus far and so as long as there’s crossplay with steam, I don’t really have any problems sticking with it and biting the bullet on the Season Pass at this point since I’m very satisfied with the game. That being said if the big two aren’t planning on playing nice nice on the steam release I know where my save files are stored and how to move them to steam if I need to make that conversion.

That being said my only lasting concern here is DLC/Season Pass. It seems like we’re going to hit 1-2 DLC packs waiting for the steam release, and while I’d love to play them ASAP, that 40-50 dollar add on is going to be an issue during conversion. I’d like to know if we have confirmation on crossplay before I bite that bullet.

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I really want to buy the season pass.

Give me an excuse to.

Sweeny has been really snarky and competitive about the whole PC platform war he started, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a no.

See, what’d piss me off is if all this hinged on the season pass.

Because for us people who actually wanted to buy the game outright - it does.

EGS has not ■■■■■■ me over at all. But I do want to play with people that I’ve known for forever.

I’d be super irritated to pay for the season pass twice. I don’t give a ■■■■ about paying for the game twice, but paying for the same DLC before reuctions… thats a problem.

Actually, Tim Sweeney posted a while back on Twitter that steam and epic users would be able to play together. What’s been missing (as best as I can tell) is (1) Steam’s response to that and (2) details on exactly how this will work out in practice.

I’m guessing we’ll find out more some time in March…

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That’s good to hear. I’m glad Sweeny can be an adult about this, just this once.

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Well, we’ll see how it actually turns out. One of the Sony bosses has publicly stated that if a developer wants cross-platform play, all they need to do is ask. The same article I read on Ars Technica reporting this also had quite a bit from a developer who asked but was repeatedly told ‘no’ by their Sony rep. So… Yes in principle, but we’ll have to wait for the practice.

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