Any cool Amara builds?

Anybody been playing an interesting off meta Amara build recently?

Recently saw a shooting star Amara build with the Kensei that was cool. Plus it didn’t abuse remnant which I enjoy.

What underrated build have y’all been running?

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I play kensei + TTB and it does wonders, lots of dmg and for bosses you can still abuse unleash the dragon + stinger and psychostabber shanenigans

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Hmmmm, seems even more powerful than phasezurker.

You specced into blue tree or purple tree?

Purple to get all the melee dmg, 11 points in green, red until 1 point in sunstainment, the rest goes into blue for utility

Btw, you can bet. Phasezerker is just more of a “always on” benefit but it feels so small compared to the level of dmg the kensei provides, even with it having an activation condition in “activating your action skill”. The thing is, the effects procs also if you grasp at the void with red tree action skills. It lasts only 6 seconds sadly, and I think it is a way to balance it as it would be sooooo much more Op with let’s say 10 seconds of duration

I like my Deathless Urad Amara build…

Skill Calculator • Amara • BL3 | Lootlemon

I am currently using an Elemental Projector Deathless, but I usually use a Snowdrift because of the slide speed. Paired with an Infernal Wish, it’s a pretty potent combo. Yes, you will go into ffyl a lot, but I think it makes it more fun.

You can try a Phasecast + Body and mind build.

You need a lot of gear : a Guardian 4N631 with cast anoint (that give 100% cast damage), 2 facepuncher (1 gives terror on melee the other has terror cryo), a grenade with terror damage and fire rate, a revolter with ASS, a phazerker and a knife drain something.

You use cast twice while holding the Guardian (thx to avatar) to kill some enemies, then switch to the 1st facepuncher to terror yourself then swith to the cryo one to deal more damage with body and mind.

Your AS has so much damage that you can kill a lot of things with it, even some bosses, and body and mind is broken too. The cool thing is that you don’t care about the damage of your facepuncher because Body and mind is doing all the damage, so you don’t care about boosting your melee damage ! It’s pretty fun and can do any raid in the game :slight_smile:

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Phazerker is the legendary siren com of bl3. It’s just a great all around com. The siren com wasn’t as good as the cat for bossing, but for mobbing, it was king. The only bad thing about the PZ is the skills it boosts don’t really make sense. Which seems to be the theme for most coms in this game.

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Death’s Blessing is just as good, if not better, than the Phasezerker.

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Idk, siren’s was good expecially due to the skill it boosted, all very good. The thing is… What com should I use it Im not speccing into avatar or the blue tree at all? When I’m not in the mood for a classic Amara build, I go for Kensei

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Check out Stone Swan’s builds. Dude is king of off meta Amara.


I’ve made an Amara build that uses every kind of attack under the sun (melee, slam, novas, action skill) except with traditional gun play. I’ve been loving it, event without expedite!

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I already know your berserker banshee build Nino😂, I have it on my computer.

It it a very cool build though, good idea.

By the way I have a custom hotfix for expidite if you want it.


I would personally love said custom hotfix. That bug really hurts a lot of my Amara builds.

No prob, you can send me a message personally and we’ll organise to get those mods to you.

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Oh shoot my bad lol. And I’m actually playing the other characters rn, figuring out some allegiance build for them. It’ll be a while before I pick up Amara again. Thank you tho!