Any cool firing range discoveries?

Hey guys.

Just curious; now that we FINALLY have a weapons testing range, has anyone found out anything cool / weird?

Anything previously unknown?

You can get behind it

You can stack I never miss

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Not sure how weird it is, but it does confirm what I have suspected…

Laser damage bonuses from Edd1.3 (?) and Prismatic Bulwark DO NOT APPLY to T4s-r or Ol’ Painful. So, it seems that those bonuses depend on either the type of weapon you’re holding, or the type of ammo consumed, and NOT the type of projectile/whatever fired. Bummer.

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It never occurred to me that laser damage bonuses should apply to pistols or assault rifles (even if they do sort of look like they are shooting lasers)? So, not bummed.

Confirmed my suspicions about conduit.
Tried to get 700+ maelstrom stacks, but I couldn’t do it without Unrelenting. I wonder if it’s possible…

Anyone else feel kind of bad about shooting at the poor, doomed to have weapons tested on them for eternity, soldiers and loader?

Poor guys!

Especially the loader, who experiences pain slowly and with great intensity?

Well, I kinda figured that, since they were shooting laser beams like blaster weapons, they might get the laser bonuses. NOW, to test pistol bonus from Claptrap’s COM on T4s-r…

“This is what happens when you cross Hyperion!” -Timothy

Nah, don’t feel the least bit bad. I’m sure the Geneva Conventions are no longer relevant by the time this game takes place. The Hague sure isn’t, anyhow. And I think that one claptrap unit was lying about the pain thing.