Any Cool Glitch Weapon Finds?

So far all I’ve got is a Hyperion SMG that will randomly fire uncontrollably, funzerker style.

Anyone found anything awesome so far?

Not so much “awesome” but something unique.

Over on the guns and loot section, I went in to greater detail.

I basically found The Bane 2.0

It’s called The Cutie Killer, scav SMG. Cybil yells variations of “Kill, kill, kill! KILL! ki-iiiiii-iiiiilll” while you fire it.

Haven’t tried all the glitch weapons I’ve found yet, but the most interesting one seems to be a corrosive corinthian. It’s Maliwan but it’s base damage is just under that of a Jackobs. When it glitches, it gains burst fire (like, 6 or 7 rounds) but each pull of the trigger only consumes 1 ammo.

I got a glitched Ravager. Oh man its too hilarious… I think one mode is AMPed shots. It defiantly sounded like it. An amp shield challenge got completed while I was using it too.

Found this one- it constantly yells “Kill!” in a high-pitched voice, and seems to randomly switch between a high RoF with the listed damage, and a single-shot mode with higher damage.

i’ve found about 6 different glitched guns so far, none of the uniques so far. i have a lvl 61 torgue spitter shooting out 3-8 pellets per shot at an incredible rate of fire, really fun stuff here.

I have not played the new DLC too much yet - but very quickly last nite I got a Seraphim rarity pistol that has an Error Code, it’s an “Evisceration Aegis” w/ Shock Element that is “glitched” and fires uncontrollably from time to time. With Nisha’s “One for Each of Ya” skill it’s a nice Pistol!

The glitched hyperion pistol is also nice. When glitching occurs, it starts shooting multiple pellets like a shotgun.

I was meaning the “glitched” rarity guns in the new DLC. But if I’m not wrong that is a glitch that has to do with the Nothing is Never an Option side quest.

An NPC assists you in a fight from that tower and afterwards her gun still sticks out.

Got a 4-4-4-4 Vladof launcher in fire element today, level 30 or 31 for my (then-) level 28 Athena. First max-glitch find so far.

My claptrap HAD a Jacobs quad with a 4-red glitch on it. MAN, OH MAN! When that thing went red, there was Hell to pay downrange.

Got a double-barreled torgue shotty with 5 shots in a mag and fast reload, I’m in love. Red and blue effect. Red effect is a goddamn beast, tighter spread, increased projectile speed, and it literally kicks me back when I fire, which is actually handy because I proc Smite for the midair hit.

Casual ravager, amazing with claptrap and Aurelia