Any current Fix for PhysX FPS drops?

So, I remember playing a few years ago at constant 60 FPS with PhysX on Medium and tweaked the .ini file to reduce particle sizes and a few other things.

However, I reinstalled the game this week, made the same tweaks but my FPS drops a lot in many areas like Caustic Caverns and Thousand Cuts.

My specs are:

I5 9400F / GTX 970 / 16GB RAM Kingston / Win10 x64

I’m not having problems in other games like TW3, Dying Light

What baffles me is that I’m using the same tweaks that made me get constant 60+ fps before, but now I can only reach that If I set Phyx to Low.

Things I already tried:

  • Uninstalling Nvidia Drivers and Phyx and Reinstalling the latest versions.
  • Tweaked .ini files to MaxParticleResize = 128
  • Installed DirectXCutdown from Redist folder

Any Ideas?

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I’d like to know the answer to this too. I can’t set it any higher than low.

I just read that it’s because of Windows 10 compatibility issues.

It’s a shame because BL2 is still very popular and most people will be playing on Win 10.

Yeah. Unfortunately though, even running it on compatibility mode like everyone recommends doesn’t improve it.

Mine doesn’t even start in compatibility mode.

Everyone suggests it all the time, but it hardly seemed to make the crashing/freezing less frequent if at all

With Nvidia cards - delete the setting-files, let Geforece-Experience set them to something decent (i know, shocking, but in this case it does a way better job then the game), and then make sure that PhysX is actually running on the GPU on not the CPU.
How to check if it is running on the GPU or CPU.

The game is using an old version of PhysX with a horribly slow and buggy CPU-implementation as well as the game it self having problems and running it on the CPU on max settings despite a compatible GPU.