Any decent Level 72 Phasecast builds?

Title. I’m looking for something that is decent at mobbing (I’m aware Phasecast will never hit the mobbing potential of Ties that Bind, but I’m okay with that), while also being able to go against bosses pretty well. I don’t generally go up against the Raid Bosses or Takedowns, though, so I don’t need that sort of damage output or survival.

I would think blue purple with Tandava and as many AoE bonuses as you can get. Reverberation for bossing (aim for their feet to get the double hit). Facepuncher with body and mind to blast through in between action skill cooldowns.

I’ve made one with Tedior alliegiance
If you’re on psn and interested add me.
I’ll send you screenshots of skill trees and also give you some good gear.

I’m on XBox. Thanks, though.