Any decent lvl 80 Axton UCP builds?

So I am going to start my lvl 55 Axton again and get him to 80 as well as beat UVHM a few times.

Anyone got a link to some good builds for him using explosive or turret or whatever up to lvl 80? I have mainly played Maya for ages now and thought I would give Axton another try with lvl 80 as the new max.

I am going to try to get the UCP to work and I plan on using it with Axton. BTW, does anyone know if the auto installer for UCP 4.2 is working yet? It says coming soon and that is all I have seen for awhile now.

I’m not looking to use the flakker + Ahab exploit also.

You’re probably better of going to the UCP discord set up by Shadowevil. It’s not exactly a banned topic but it’s not one that Gearbox would like discussing here to any major degree.

Yeah I tried the discord and it just sits there with a blank screen.

Your’e definitely in the right server? This one?

Might be worth pinging the Axton mains or experts on there to draw attention to it.

Check your messages.