Any decent, recent guide on all of FL4K's skills?

I hear this alot but I always thought it was how the math was done with armor that made it show as 15%, when you look at how damage reduction works you’ll get between 18-12% damage removed from Hunter’s eye depending on how much damage reduction you stack. So 100% of an enemies armor could actually be a true 200%, makeing our armor damage look like half of what it is. This implies that like the balance between pets with damage modifiers that they didn’t want one part of this skill to out perform the others or the similar parts in interplanetary stalker.

I know I’m probably giving the devs too much credit here.

The armor damage is just supposed to be a multiplicative 30% extra damage vs armor.

Besides, at least in TPS they started listing DR values by what came out of the formula, not what went in. I don’t see why they would list 30% when in the previous game they would have just listed 15%. That is needlessly misleading and makes no sense.

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I’ve noticed the legendary gun Nighthawkin is a pretty good metaphor to use when I want to describe gearbox math 2.0, because nothing seems to work like in 2 and TPS.

This game reminds me of dark souls when it comes to calculating skill points and thinking of gear for builds tbh, me needs calculators for maths. This is the confusion I’m having with stacking icebreaker, hidden machine and the rakk debuff… I just know it works good but not how.

if you saw demonite’s video on FL4K math, you might remember we have two special multipliers in play which he called v1 and v2.

Hidden machine, rakk 100 anointment, and icebreaker special effect are all v2. Usually damage increases that are tied to the condition of the enemy you’re fighting are V2. While V1 is for damage increases like Interplanetary Stalker, The Power Inside, or Frenzy that are more reliant on you or your actions.

Because FL4K has relatively easy access to v1 and only a handful of ways to get V2, you may experience those things as a pretty big damage increase

So if I called additive modifiers V1 modifiers most people would know what I mean?
I understand how multiplicative modifiers work I was just being facetious about hidden machine and frozen enemies.

probably not.

Loosely calling any Borderlands bonuses additive only serves to drive people crazy. You’re probably better off just saying Fl4k has a lot of V1 modifiers and that people should look for V2 things.

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Yeah I didn’t think anyone but a handful of people on forums would know what V1 and V2 mean. I’m fine with just telling people to git gud if I want to drive them crazy.

V1 and V2 are more a Discord lingo than even forums. Any time I’ve referenced them I’ve just called them all special multipliers and as far as I know no one else has tried to generalize the formula.

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I’m usually pretty late catching up lingo anyways.