Any devs around? One of my lore challenges is bugged and I can't unlock my last achievement because of it

I tried to contact 2K support but they refuse to adress this issue directly to Gearbox so I’m hoping that someone who actually has anythign to do with the game would notice this post. Playing on Steam btw.

There was this issue “Error retrieving match progress” or something like that. While it lasted, I was working on my way to get every Beatrix lore challenge done. Some of my matches failed to save & it was annoying to repeat matches again & again so I took a break.
After the issue was fixed, I continued to work on the challenges & by the time I was at 4\5 challenges done, I noticed that the game thinks that I completed only 3 challenges.
I kept playing thinking it was just a visual bug. But when I completed my last lore (Nicths Ist Ohne Gift), all of the logs were accesssible but the achievement did not pop up. Then I went to Command > Career > Challenges & discovered that the game thinks that one lore challenge hasn’t been completed yet! I thought “Ok, I’ll just redo all of them & it should pop up eventually”.

So I kept playing Beatrix over & over, over & over…I killed a few hundred enemies with Fulminate, affected >5 enemies with Fulminate numerous times… I tagged bots with Patient Zero & infected enemy BB but still nothing. I already hit lvl 15 with her & now the “Beatrix Mastery” is at 1\2 completion and it still doesn’t count one of the lores.
I have screenshots of these Match ID’s that prove that I did my last lore challenge & that the achievement did not pop up.
Here is my achievement progress:

All of my other hero-related challenges are done & I got every other lore achievement. But this last one won’t unlock no matter what I try. I don’t know what else to do or whom to contact. Verifying my game files had no effect, neither did reinstalling the game.
If someone has an ear of a Gearbox employee who worked on this game, please point them towards this thread. Maybe Gearbox could somehow “sync” my progress or just reset or hell, even delete it so I could start over. Being forced to leave this game with one last trophy after putting >200 hours & some real money to unlock OP missions is really frustrating, I just can’t let it go like that…

I’ll see what I can do… Can’t promise anything, though.


I know it’s a longshot but thanks, I really appreciate that :smiley:

Sorry for my impatience but is there a chance Gearbox might be able to help? Did you get any kind of response?

I’ve not heard anything yet, unfortunately. My guess is that they’re focused on BL3 right now. But I can ask again.

The error is back and it’s worse than ever. Not a single campaign mission is retrieved anymore, 7 months before the game goes down. How does Gearbox expect to build trust for Godfall with such practices?