Any DLC Gear that is good for Iron Bear?

Hi everyone, it has been a while since I have played BL3. I have not gone through the DLC yet. I was just wondering if there is any piece of gear that is particularly good for Iron Bear?

i think the only thing that matter for ib build is GR and shield and class mod ,am i right ?

Nope. New COM comes with Scorching RPM’s , which is nice, but that’s about it. There’s a shield that can gives +50% action skill cooldown rate. Again, scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

Well the Raging Bear com is nice. It can come with bonus go Stainless Steel, Deadlines & Stoke the Ember’s.

There’s grenade annointment that looks good for Iron Bear(but is currently…you guess it, bugged!) That gives your grenade a 20% chance to drop while in IB.

The Ion Cannon is pretty great for Moze in general.

I’m still using my old Mendel’s Multivitamin shield.

Yeah…slim pickings but Raging Bear is a decent com.

Yeah, I picked up a raging bear before the dlc dropped. It does not have the stats I want, but that combined with dual corrosive railguns allowed me to melt through the dlc.

I found an Ion Cannon with a zane anointment :roll_eyes:, and it allowed me to second wind when it otherwise would not be possible. I really like the Ion Laser smg as well.

I found the shield you mentioned, thought about using it, but It would cut Iron Bear’s health way too much.

There’s a new video out with Moze using a Craps pistol switched to an Unforgiven.