Any el dragon masters out there?

I play a lot of PvP and see masters of every character. I myself haven’t run into another el. Dragon master. Which is a disappointment since I’d love to throw down the mat and wrestle that mask off your face! This is on Xbox one. Maybe he’s more popular on ps4?

I’m still doing the Clothesline + Minion kills on him, but it’s nothing i go for that much, if i had i would be master with him now, he is almost what i play exclusively.

But yes, El Dragon is not popular, i do think it has to do with people are afraid of going Melee for most parts.

Took me about two days to get the minions and clothesline lore. IMO his lore is the worst in the game. Other than Benedicts hover because you can’t speed that up at all. I think I clapped the waves of minions 3-4 times then belly flopped with the one that leaves the electricity on the ground and I’d body block them into it Lol. My friend told me about doing the clothesline in story and I got the last 200 on the renegade. Wish he’d told me about it sooner

The worst lore to do currently is by far Toby’s Killing on the Rails. His ult is horrible so getting a double kill with it is nearly impossible

I’m working on him too. Do the algorithm beginning to just before henchmen then jump off edge for dragon splash minions. For closeline just keep clothslining minions in pvp. You gotta hit a fresh full wave to register properly. You can do algorithm dragon splash in about 4 hours. Play on hardcore to make the reset go faster

Were you farming the minions after the henchman or before or both?

Before. Just keep going till the just before u have to drop down the holes to fight henchman. You’ll get about 40 minions per run

What exactly counts as a “minion” for his splash challenge?

Those little robots like in pvp. Only place in over to farm them is algorithm

Man this one is going to take forever. I have all his other lore challenges done, and I’m only at 250 for this one…sigh

I’m on PC but I do have the Master of El dragon title. Also got all his taunts but I miss his skins from the LLC packs.

On PC, it would seem only 0.11% of the player base completed his lore, so he’s not very popular on that platform either.

I don’t have his title but after playing with him for a full straight week and a half, not choosing anyone else, I’ve come to make him my main character. He’s such a beast its crazy. I’m a quarter way through clothesline kills and minion splashes but already have him maxed out.

I’m El dragon master, on ps4 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

benedicts is really eaasy if you know the cheese. Basically, you just find a jump pad, double jump onto the jump pad, glide back direectly on the jump pad, and you’ll get 3 hours in leess than 8 minutes. How? every jump adds a second per second.

Master of El Dragon on ps4

Do the clothesline challenge on the Varelsi that The Conservator spawns. Do the minion kill on Geoff when he goes up into his Web. Leave him alive and let them spawn. Takes a little while but you should be able to do it in a few hours.

Just got Master of El Dragon, I got the Clothesline through Meltdown and minion kills through restarting the first portion of the first mission, although I already had both of them more than 60% completed today through regular PvP gameplay, I was able to finish the rest of the two lores today.

I main El Dragón, just mastered him today, all time favourite character in this game. I’m on PS4 though and like you have not come across any masters of El Dragón. I see masters of pretty much every other character though.