Any ETA on when the game will be playable?

Set aside the 5 minute long load time, or however long it is. Set aside the absolutely garbage story. Set aside the horrific game and enemy balance. How has this game been out for over a year on consoles, and still full crashes to desktop, on both PS3 and XBox One, in both single player and multiplayer, with a degree of regularity? A game which takes 5 minutes to load, and then may well crash on you 5-20 minutes into play, is imho outright Unplayable. The conditions for the crashes are readily apparent during play and able to be reproduced, it’s whenever multiple things are called upon simultaneously. A player is entering a menu while a quest trigger occurs. A piece of dialogue tries to load at the same time as an enemy. The game tries to do too many things at once and as part of some kind of fault processing logic, just gives up and outright crashes.

How is this acceptable? How has this gone over a year, and through an incredible amount of DLC, to where with both season passes included they’re asking for $160 per player for a game that fails to meet the basic criteria of being stable and playable, to say nothing of optimized or high quality? What the hell happened to where this was even released in this state, and how has it never been fixed? Do they really think anyone would buy future games, with this being the standard of product they put out? I just don’t get it.

Setting frustration aside, has there ever been any word from the devs on what kind of eta there is on outright game crashing bugs being fixed, or have they given up on the game and is it expected the game will always be unstable, buggy, and a mess?


With respect to BL3’s performance on the PS4 and Xbone, my personal opinion is that the game is just too demanding for their hardware. That explains the excessively long load times (90-120 seconds for each save-quit) and ever-increasing number of crashes. I really think it’s as simple as that. Perhaps if the game was optimized better or something, it wouldn’t be as bad, but there’s certainly large worlds and tons of possible variations going on in BL3, so inadequate hardware for the performance demands has always seemed to me to be a reasonable enough explanation.

I hear there are some crashing and performance issues on PC also, but I think that was improved somewhat with a patch back in the spring sometime maybe.

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Long load time is annoying I’ll agree, but I never have crashes playing the game on Xbox one. Don’t know what the hubbub is. Endgame farming is kind of boring but I certainly don’t consider the game unplayable. Maybe it’s my version of the Xbox…

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I had less than one crash per month, which is still more than I would’ve liked. But - would never called it unplayable.

Load times on startup are longer than I would like, but start up costs is something I pay once a week or so - and if your weekly time budget is allocated with 5 minute precision, I salute you, but that’s just not my case. It helps not to farm too.

My wife and I play split screen local co-op. On the XBox One, we encountered on average 3 crashes per 3 hour gaming session, which is to say, an average of 1 full crash per hour. After the 3rd crash we would call it for the day.

Playing solo, I would encounter crashes less frequently, and since we switched to the PS4 (abandoning our characters on the XBox One because due to the frequency of crashes we found it literally unplayable) we have encountered even fewer crashes, but it’s still happened.

Keep in mind as well - long load times are faced when: Launching the game; when loading an area; when reloading the game due to a crash; etc. I’m glad you fine folks are fine with the situation as-is, I take it that means there’s been no word from the Devs and there’s no indication of an intent to improve things?



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So many missed opportunities in bl3. The whole loading time issue would not be one if they just made every boss respawnable with a button or like killavolt. Having always to return to sanctuary is sometimes so unnecessary like while the haunt event.


So what explains this behavior of crashing the new consoles, one x/pro consoles and PC’s?

Fact is BL3 is poorly optimized and full of bugs. Junk game, bad developer without care for the player base.

Bl3 has been crashing the one x since launch. Instead of fixing it, which they don’t know how to do, they allowed it to carry over to the series x consoles… WTF?

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Same. We play split screen exclusively. Besides the multiple crashes, even after an uninstall, reinstall, clear system crash. If someone has to go into their menu it studders so hard I’ve found myself facing the opposite direction once i could move again. i can’t possible spend more money on another dlc with a broken game.

Been playing it fine on ps4 since launch. Its such great game. I’ll be playing it for years to come.

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