Any ETA on when we can expect an Iron Bear buff?

Any news on when Iron Bear will be buffed? Has Gearbox said anything at all about it? I am getting into endgame and was hoping my mech focused build could run TVHM mayhem mode. (I have to unlock it by beating TVHM since I am on PS4)

I did discover that you can increase Iron Bear health by equipping a shield that increases maximum health, but that only goes so far. There also seems to be a sizable difference in the performance of different weapons. I have been using the dual railguns since I love feeling like an XV88 Broadside Battlesuit, and they seem ok, but other weapons like the salamander put out very little damage.

Oh, and if anyone from Gearbox happens to see this, can you please fix the bug where you try to enter Iron Bear only to get kicked out of it immediately with your entire cooldown consumed. (interestingly Auto Bear still triggers despite the bug.) I have been killed a couple times because of this bug.

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The chainguns with the explosive rounds upgrade can actually chew things up due to benefitting from her splash damage skills.

Do you know if any skills other than stoke the embers, cloud of lead, and specialist bear affect damage output of Iron Bear?