Any euros up for some games?

Hey there. I want to play some BL again and I’d like to make it a co-op effort this time around. As long as timezones match and we have decent connections anyone is welcome as long as it’s legit play as in no modded cheat gear or no BAR scumming (i’d prefer to keep badass rank off anyway but to each their own). The more the merrier; if this gets a 4 player co-op going, great.

A regular ol’ playthrough works for me just fine although I wouldn’t mind spicing things up a bit with some sort of a self-challenge for NVHM and TVHM (allegiance run or only found gear or something). Also if it’s NVHM/TVM stuff I’d prefer to keep the farming to a minimum since it’s not really needed and takes a lot of time.

I can also hop on an OP8 character and do a campaign reset there if you prefer the deep end of the pool.

As for my playing times I can do afternoons or early evenings up to, say, midnight EET. Weekends are currently kinda hard for me to get long sessions in unfortunately. Getting some sessions in monday-thrusday would be great but I understand that’s generally the opposite of when people have good time to play. I can play on weekends occasionally.

Reply in the thread or shoot me a PM if you are interested.