Any Fl4k tips to share

I am loving playing Fl4k a whole lot more than the others I tried.

Right now I am only lvl 12, but I love Gamma Burst and the Skag pet.

Anyone got any tips to share while leveling? Maybe good skills to focus on or if there is another route to try?

If you want a Good boss/badass killer build try specing into Leave no trace in the Hunter tree. Then use it with fade away action skill and a multiple pellet torgue shotgun (bangstick). Use sticky shot get 5-6 shots off and watch Bosses melt =D

I’ve found he’s a beast using a revolver or shotgun, that’s about it. The crits you get when using the invisible perk thing and a revolver are insane. I have the jabber pet, seems to work great so far, no Deathtrap type problems to speak of.

I find the game a lot better now I’ve changed the control scheme to classic, so the D-Pad buttons now change weapons instead of whatever they did before (send the pet away and swap missions I think) and turned ADS speed all the way down to 1 negated the slight aiming issue I had.

I’m going to start an Amara build tomorrow, I want to make sure I have all 4 roughly the same level at some point so I can work on them intermittently, it was too much of a grind in BL2 as I’d max one toon out and then start on another. I figure if I work an all 4 at the same time it won’t suck all the fun out of the game going from 1-72/80 at once. I like Fl4k so far, but he’s a bit boring, reminds me of Zero without the haiku.