Any Fun Team Comps?

I’ve been thinking about fun team compositions that take advantage of certain niches or playstyles that could be interesting. the first one I came up with would be a cheesy all-territorial group taking advantage of AoE CCs.

It would be:
Ernest- With slow egg
Gali- With full support desecrate build: slow, DoT, damage amp
Kleese- for cheesing with his connected rifts
and Ghalt- to pull noncareful enemies into guranteed death.

So which ones do you have? All long range, all melee, all of one faction, all using a certain gear type?

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Sounds like the support cluster meta that dominated the game around late 2016. On ps4 at least. In pubs at least.

The main problem with this comp is that it doesn’t incorporate Deande.

On that note I’ve done a hyper aggressive all stealth comp with friends before. Lots of fun.


Most fun I’ve had since the game released is 5 Boldurs.

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Full dive comp. Attikus, Dragon, Shayne, Phoebe and Miko. You can swap anyone out for a Boldur if you choose to. Other characters good for this also include Deande, Pendles, Rath, Caldarius or Mellka.

If you do this comp make sure everyone knows this: you can never be too far into the enemy territory.


Dive Toby is best Toby…

I would’ve said 5 Deandes if it wasn’t for the lack of Chaos Rumble. :sob:


Having 10 Deandes on the battlefield at once… Not to mention the possibility of a penta stun, or watching someone get hit with 5 consecutive Burst Dashes…

One can dream I guess…

@Moosicus: Otherwise all support is another fun one to try. Or you could bring the old Bird Hunt team back of Benny, Ernest, Marquis, Pendles and Toby(?) I can’t remember if Toby was part of it actually. Well, I guess he is an aviant, so let’s just go for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I fully approve of this comp!

Otherwise all supports can be fun at times.

All tanks is another variant.

I had a lot of fun screwing around with a friend in Supercharge when it got released when we were dhoing running Miko-Reyna.

Anything is just fun though to be honest when it works, regardless of comps.

My most fun match as Shayne & Aurox was on Overgrowth when I was with @Ashbweh as El Dragòn. I wasn’t on mic, but I’d stealth in to initiate and he’d follow up all the time. Secured a kill almost every time.

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I had this all Alani stomp squad for Chaos Rumble Meltdown one day and it was quite fun …at least for my team :wink:

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Even though It was only a bot battle (I know many of the forum folks look down on them), I once witnessed pure chaos when I got matched with a party of 4 mid-levels who all picked Orendi and I was Ambra. I was just staying behind popping and fueling sunspots embracing this vision of total shadowfire apocalypse. Fun times!
If chaos rumble ever comes back, I highly recommend trying a 5 Orendi or 4 with a support. :skull:


Soon my friend we shall Deande together on the battlefield. Gearbox will release chaos rumble again eventually and then we will kill everything.

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While true, most of these characters arent quite as cheesy as they used to be (looking at you gali!)

she’s no longer the one-woman stomping team she used to be and ernest had some of his damage nerfed down. I would love to watch a 5 man pull this comp versus another capable 5 man just to see its potential.

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I’d like to see that comp against an even remotely competent aoe user using poor m pulse controller for all the explosions

@MiSS_SHARiNGAN and myself have done some pretty amazing things with our Alani/Kelvin combo, and of course being with @HandsomeCam for Team Arctic, Kelvin and Toby reign supreme. And when we are all together nothing stops us. So Alani/Kelvin/Toby are a really fun team comp together. And it even get more fun when @AncientBelgareth brings his Montana and Thorn in the mix.


Toby <3 Alani’s bubbles. It’s like a shooting range that ends with a free opening for a stun mine! Team Arctic + Alani is definitely fun AND effective.


A team with Toby and Kleese, both taking the self destruct and using the long goodbye gear. Gotta make it to the late game but it’s a blast when you get there. Nobody is safe.


Toby and Kleese just in general can be fun. Set up a couple rifts for Toby using some shield gear and he suddenly doesn’t care about most of his counters. And there’s also people getting stunned in a rift network to look forward to.

Fun stuff.

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It was the meta, for a brief time before the tank CC meta became the preferred proverbial middle finger to pub queues. Interestingly enough I remember an old post of mine where I said Whiskey was irrelevant because tanks weren’t in the meta, which at the time was true.

I can attest to this being amazing


Depends on who you ask. The Japanese teams on ps4 figured out the chain CC tank meta before the rest of the ps4 community. Most Jap premades were spearheaded by Boldur, Gali or Kelvin long before everyone else.

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As can i. It’s just incredibly rare for a communicating Kleese to be on my team.