Any Fun Zane Builds?

So I have been working through the classes, and I feel like Zane just doesn’t have anything unique, or have any really unique play styles.

  • With Moze, I am able to make a really fun grenadier build, where I just can toss grenades seemingly non stop most of the time. Really cool and fun to build, and what I would consider unique, along with many other build options too.

  • Amara, I am going down an elemental path, super fun to watch myself apply 3-4 status effects, watch them chain together, just seeing all the synergy, the mayhem that the dots can do. She has other builds that are all unique in their own ways too

  • FL4k, I am doing the stealthy boi version, where I can go invisible and just rack up tons of crits with torque shotguns. Feel like its super unique gameplay, and he has other viable builds that make him really unique too.

  • Zane… I am just not really sure what makes him more unique than just a normal soldier. Like he feels just like a Maliwan soldier to me almost. His digi-clone is cool, but to me it feels lackluster compared when I think about what all the other hunters are capable of doing? Is there any super fun builds for him, that really throw out the wacky stuff, like the others can do (camo, viral dot spread, grenade spam, etc) that isn’t just a traditional run and gun style build?

I know he can get quick feet, but again, that just feels like the one maliwan soldiers who can flash to different areas already. Is there any sort of build that would be fun to try out? Open to ideas and things, cause I really want to find out something that I enjoy with him.

Double Barrel with a rocket launcher is a blast. I hear the cryo build is currently the best.

But my favorite build is a racecar build. Those Maliwan can only dash, but this build let’s you constantly run around at high speeds, dealing nice damage multipliers for doing so. There are several options available for how you want to build it. I personally prefer throwing a shield on myself and making myself unkillable and hard to hit, but that build does lose a bit of speed.

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What is the double barrel build? Or did you mean double agent?

I would like to know more about it, seems like it could be a lot of fun.

Double Barrel is the capstone to the clone tree. It gives your clone a copy of your gun. I use it with the flakker and used to use it with a COV rocket launcher (the ones that fire sawblades).

Also remember that every time you swap with your clone, you both get a 20% damage boost which helps a lot.

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Oh very cool! Thank you very much! I appreciate it!

How about this? High Noon Maggie grenade chucking cryo build

You can go do the tedior build or infinte ammo build. You can also do a dps build if your the agressive type. Look up morninafterkills build for an exampel.

Zane can freeze anything and be invincible with dome shield, it’s pretty fun, until you get enemies with weird crit spots.

Zane is widely regarded as the weakest of the four character classes currently. That being said, he can still be viable in M3 TVHM with the right build AND the right gear, but I’d say he’s far more gear dependent than the other classes.

If you do decide to run the cryo build (which is my personal favorite), be forewarned that Anointed mobs are immune to cryo, which makes fighting them a real PitA. There are ways around that which I won’t go into here, but just be prepared for that.