Any Future Work to Combat Cheating?

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I’m usually the last to post a thread like this, but I would really appreciate some transparency into how the development team (for PC) is going to work on cheaters.

I have a full time job, but I have been able to put a healthy 20ish hours of pvp in the last two weeks, and I have seen a substantial influx of aimbots (Marquis is a popular choice) and possibly some gear hacks (Is there a purple item that can be activated at the start? Cause a few players have done that, and it’s really weird).

Again, I’d like to state I’m a super patient guy, so the occasional cheater (or at least when the whole team suspects one) didn’t ruin the game for me, but as the matchmaking and low player count is troubling enough, running into cheaters is just a horrible icing on the cake that is testing my patience. I have story mode in the mean time, but I’d love to jump into pvp w/o worrying about this!

I reported an aimbot once to the Gearbox ticket support, and got a prompt reply from an employee saying they are aware but can’t do anything at the moment. I totally understood, wished them well, and carried on. Since then however, it’s gotten worse for my experience. Anybody else on PC having this the past weeks?

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I personally play on Xbox, so I can’t really speak to any PC issues.

What caught my eye, is this:

I’ve heard that aimbots and some other hacks (like people modifying their initial shard count) are already appearing in the PC version.

And while it might be hard to tell, whether a 92% accuracy Marquis player is actually using an Aimbot, gear or currency hacks should stand out.

Minimal Activation Cost for a flawed epic gear piece should be 540 Shards. So, it’s possible to legitimately achieve early on in a match, but only if you’re shardjumping (and depriving your team of the possibility to construct an Elite Bot).
Based on activation cost, only flawed Common items (which would have 0 activation cost) can be used ‘from the start’.


Appreciate the info @Sm0kerCrew! Yeah, I’ve seen a player twice now have the purple activated while everyone was in their gate still. I will definitely take a screenshot of the incident… I didn’t think much of it since I wasn’t familiar with certain rare gear and their activation cost.

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Yeah, that one should be exceedingly easy to prove. If the scoreboard shows zero kills, zero deaths, zero minions, etc for everyone … But a purple item activated. Some shenanigans are afoot.

I posted a thread on here about 4 or 5 days ago regarding that, I was told to send a PM to Joegbx, he said he would look into it.

Apologies for bumping this thread, but I did find something on youtube…

That’s an older video from 7 months ago… here’s a newer one too:
(Mind the music)

I can’t wait for the new report feature!