Any Gal players who don't use her level 3 right?

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As of late, when I play her, I haven’t been taking her level 3 right choice because it’s just too tedious to try and maintain it constantly. I understand that if you’re able to maintain it, it’s extremely powerful, but that requires the combined efforts of both myself (the Gal player) and a competent healer. Does anyone else feel similarly?

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Build regen and get hélix that bost that regen.

You can use your shield to block dmg and get your hp back, atleast i have been able to kill attikus,kelvin and phoebe in a 3 vs 1 thx to a wall protecting my butt.

Stun one and get your shield back, pull and silence their skills while you spin and dmg 3 of them and corrupción helps stealing a bit of hp.

I had around 71 i belive of regen. Regen + regen, legendary with damage reduction and 7+14 regen and a shield penetration with 7 regen

Have full hp or close to it all the time is easy thx to her shield and her regen hélix and ult

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You need to take the damage because it is so great, but don’t worry too much about keeping it up. If you don’t have a healer on your team, take the left choice at lvl 4 and right at lvl 6 you should be set. No need for extra items, or whatever, just consider it a damage boost when you charge in or when you take a thrall, but you don’t need to build around it.

Edit: If you are really worried about drop off in damage when taking damage, use the blue eldrid attack speed item. Extra attack speed on taking health damage.

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If you 3v1ed in that situation it’s because you were fighting incompetent players not because of her shield.

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I don’t take it because I am very rarely at full health, so it does nothing. I have not played Galilea since they doubled the strength of regeneration items last week, though. I think that I would take it now since I probably could maintain full health given the increase in regeneration.

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How. Just how did you even manage to 3v1 those 3. Were they literally braindead?

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I down think he ever claimed she was strong or they was good or anything, just that it was possible

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Then it isn’t [quote=“dantesolar, post:2, topic:1549831”]
thx to a wall protecting my butt.

It’s thx to bad matchmaking.

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I don’t understand

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He’s saying that the reason he was able to take on Attikus, Phoebe and Kelvin by himself is because of Galilea’s shield. Only a massive difference in skill would be the reason Galilea could win against those three by herself.

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While that may be true, he never specified health levels, various buffs and debuffs, gear, or levels

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Then there is more to it than just having a shield.

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(PSN:Santbech_2038) #13

Face off i was lvl 6 i went m,r,r,m,l,r.
I had over 100 mask and i guess they tried to steal from me, i dont know what lvl they were but got their butts kicked.

I used my shield to protect 1k dmg and get back some hp and waited for Kelvin to try to stun me to pull

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If it’s face off I would assume that you out leveled your opponents because it’s taking most people forever to realize that you need to focus on leveling up for the first part of the game. I can see no way in which Galiliea, even with 70+ of health regen, can take on those three with out drastically out leveling them. So I’ll say it again. It wasn’t just thanks to the fact she has a shield.

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It’s Galilea on face-off. That makes more sense. Not that Gali can’t hold her own in some tough situations, but she rules on that game type. I’m going to guess you had a decent advantage in lvl’s.

Back on topic though, I always grab ghe lvl 3. I run a decent amount of regen with her anyway, and just because I don’t have the lasers always available to me doesn’t mean it’s not worth it when I do. It’s truly a scary increase to damage in conjuncture with desecrate.

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Phoebe alone can do 1k damage in no time. Combined with Atty and Kelvin, there’s no way you’d survive unless you were like level 10 and they were still stuck under 5 and incompetent.