Any gamers for bl2 on 360

So I was wondering if any of you fine ass women’s played borderlands two And would want a new buddy to play with. I have an op8 psycho and am currently working on op8 mach.

I meant mech

If you don’t mind a cool ass dude, shoot me an invite sometime.

Gt: BTK420247

It was quoting the game but I don’t think anyone realized

I got it but wasn’t sure if you were serious

Yeah I sent you a friend request. Gt is Oh Divine Fear

I’ll accept that once I regain consciousness

Sounds good. I will be out for most of the day but should be on later.

Edge Hydra , recently started playing again would
Be awesome to play with others

I play frequently my Gt is ButtStallionXx

I play a lot still my gt is Kodist

Any one still needing players my gt is Xbountyhunter87 I’m lvl 37 still on my first run have completed the game but yet to defeat the terramorphous so could really do with help much appreciation thanx

lets play, my gamertag is McLov1n99

Hey, if anyone wants to play some boarderlands 2 with me, shoot me a message. Gt; recon soldier72
I’m a level 21 Commander and 31 Assassin.

I’m new but I can follow the leader well

Hey would anyone be willing to help me finish my OP levels and hook me up with some gear please. I am willing to help others too, pay it forward so to say. Also if anyone just wants to get a play through going I’m up for that too.
GT: BlazingIceCube

I can help with the op levels. when will you be on next?

Either tonight about 6 (maybe sooner depending on work) or tomorrow night around 5.

Forgot the game was on today but I’ll shoot you a friend request tonight or tomorrow when I get on.

Hey I noticed that I had some new friend requests. Was wondering if any of those were you??
I should be on again tonight if you still don’t mind helping me.
Thank you again.