Any gear suggestions?

I’m running with a shard generator/shield capacity, Championship Belt and a legendary attack damage. Anyone know of a better set up?

Lol, lose the belt, because it’s the worst legendary ever, go attack speed gear with an attack speed augment.

Also, maybe look into ditching the shield cap for at least a regen and maybe a damage gauntlet with an attack speed augment.

Basocally, stack attack speed.

K thanks. I’ll try it out.

Boots of the brute

Attack damage

Attack speed

Preferably the Jennerit blue rarity PVP focused attack damage/speed boosters as they provide a flat 10% increase as well as an additional 5% for 60 seconds after killing a player/major enemy.

Boots of the brute provides an additional 5% to your attack speed but it’s main attraction is the free slow every 3 seconds when using melee attacks.

With this set up I can clear 15+ kills per match with doubles and triples mixed in.

Also there is a mutation at level 6 which buffs your attack speed 20% for 8 seconds after landing a Dragon splash, with this and all your gear bonuses activated/proc’d your DPS becomes virtually game breaking.

Another neat feature of Boots of the brutes melee slow is that El dragons clap can apply the slow when you choose the left helix at level 3 which essentially allows you to clap at an enemy and slow them from range, allowing you to easily keep them in range of your regular melee combo.

Is there a specific episode that drops Boots of the Brute?

Foreman Grall drops them, the final boss of the sabateur.

It is also fun running around with all movement speed and sprint speed. Run in out of nowhere and slaughter everyone, then dissappear. Then nobody can escape el Dragon.