Any german fans (on PS4) in here for team build (Beta or/and full game)?

Hey there, I’m german and got a few friends to play this game with me, but most of the times we play we’re just 2-4 players and we need some more to make the party complete for some badass fights.
Most of the time we play incursion (Überfall in german), but we don’t ignore the rest of the game.
If you are interested in kick some asses as a full team, then leave a comment.

Hey there. Ive moved your thread to the ps4 beta co-op category.

Best of luck!

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Same time zone as you. PSN?

looking for people to talk with in german, me and my friends are so bad in speeking english :smiley:

If you have a bit of experience - do we need to speak that much …? If we have complementing character preferences and know what to do with them, things ought work out.

Plus, I like Überfall. Sounds mean … :dukegoof:

we can try it

I’m switching to private messaging :dukeaffirmative:

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I prefer Meltdown (Schmelze) but putting that aside, sure ill play with you guys. I’m laglag0 on psn.

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like both