Any Glossary out there? (Healing Power vs Received for Miko)

First off - any glossary to read up on all the terms, to know what they mean?

Right now I’m trying to figure out how Miko is impacted by Healing Power and Healing Received, notably since he does a lot of things that heal himself, including while healing others. It’s very unclear how those stats work together… or any other stats.

Tried to find a glossary in game. Hopefully one is floating around somewhere.

Thought I’d try again. Just trying to find a glossary of info.

Great questions. Not sure anyone knows yet or has yet to make a guide. Would be nice to have a “map” you can zone in to that has training dummies where we could test out gear and abilities. Marvel Heroes has this and its awesome. Or some sort of Hub zone for players that can be used to chat and test skills.