Any good farm spots?

Since tink

What is good now?

PM me if you don’t want it nerfed haha…

This event has been futile.

Not getting enough drops or xp for it to feel worth it

Gigamind is pretty good

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Graveward is the best.

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I second the Gigamind, easy to get to, just have an electric weapon for his shield and cryo for his health and goes down quick! Pick up your legendary’s, check red chest, exit, and reload. If you run low on ammo, the canisters around should fill you up. I got 2x legendary’s from his trash piles as well. 2 spawn points for Eridium near him as well, one you back track from save point 10 feet against the wall, and another spawn near the back of his lair.

Graveward is the best. I probably got around 150 legendaries in 2 hours of farming him last night at the very least.