Any good Kelvin players care to drop some knowledge on me for pvp

Load out helix etc would be appreciated really starting to dig this champ,1,-1,0,-1,-1,1,1,-1,1,

IMO Kelvin is really a one trick pony with his Sublimate. It is a great ability though so I do my helix to boost it as much as I can.

Make sure your team is ready to start firing as sublimate makes the enemy players easy targets. It also helps a lot to have a pocket Miko. Remember you can’t turn using movement during Sublimate, you have to look in the direction you want to go and use back/forward.

First ult behind enemy (if able) then run in, chomp nearest then ground pound/chomp until half health. Then sublimate between as many enemies as quickly as you can, leaving enough sublimate duration left to escape. Then rinse and repeat.

There is apparently also a way to give Kelvin a permanent 300 point shield with a certain amount of +shield regen.

Check out the Kelvin sub forum, there’s some great topics on basic run downs of his gameplay, a thread dedicated to gear loadouts and how certain gears interact with him that are unique out of the other Eldrid characters.

I think the only thing we’re really missing is a topic discussing helix builds, he’s mostly straight forward in his options but there are some to argue over.