Any good phasecast build viable for M4?

I am fed up of using phasegrasp/ties that bind, despite it being absolutely devastating.
Melee does not appeal to me, although I loved it in previous games.
So that leaves me with trying to make phasecast viable for M4.
Is there any good build to start from? Any weird synergy to exploit? Any good starting point to build upon that possibly does not use self dotting?

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Lol why do you even believe that phasecast is not viable? First takedown solo it was phaseserker phaseslam and depending on the annointments you can easily have phasecast for shorter cooldown, I use phasecast annointed weapons and phaseserker class it works perfectly in m 4 solo take down included no need for exploits

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I did not mean exploit as in bug exploiting, but in a positive way :sweat_smile:
Never seen a build that wrecks M4 as much as phasegrasp ones, care to link some?

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This is mine. I have a Phasezerker com. My main weapons are a Jakobs purple Masher with the odd Siren “20 Percent bonus radiation damage after ase” anointment, and a Brainstormer with ASE Lifesteal. My skill trees look like

My preferred version uses a Siren Anointed Shield for Damage Return, and an on Throw singularity grenade. But. You can use ASE elements and they’ll crank it up further. But basically, as long as you double cast smart, and break shields beforehand, and play violent, you can wreck with this. I managed to, no exploits, get me Do Harm stacks to 80 quite a few times. Anything that boosts cooldown too? Will make this better. The more you cast. The stronger it gets

You can also use slam instead of cast, it just has a longer cooldown and is funnier to aim. Double slams are fun. But I run the Revelation (Nova) augment. But yeah, totally fun at m4

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Personally I skip Restless. Between the Phasezerkers over 200% CDR and the guardian Perk giving around 200% CDR I find it unessisary. It’s kind of like Quicken in BL2 on Maya. Once you had 2 other decent buffs to CDR quicken gives you like 1.4 seconds off. I put those points in to Alacrity for some speedy reloads.

Phasezerker has 1% CDR per stack now.

Is it really? I didn’t even notice the other day. Still had like 6 second CDs. I play with the Recharger to take advantage of Topped off so that is probably why. Really wish they would stop stealth changing and be more upfront.

Someone pointed out that “stealth changes” are the result of some lack of communication between parts of the team. It probably was never 10 anyway

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I am no expert so probably not optimal but as an exemple, I ran this with a phaseserker com and cutsman 250% dmg on phasecast + redistributor 250%dmg on phasecast shield and nade with 50% extra dmg on ase. No problem clearing m4 content, the solo takedown is a bit more difficult but I did it as well

…Nothing there boosts cast or gets bonuses from hitting enemies?

It was around 3% per stack, not 10% from the card. Now it’s 1% as posted above after stealth nerf.

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Not sure if the question is for me or the other person, in any case I use the phasecast to get the bonus damage on my weapons and disrupt enemies movement with singularity as well as regroup cluster of rushing mobs (Scraptraps I am looking at you) I prefer the green tree for survival than anything on the blue tree but it is a matter of taste here

I’m just saying, the op asked about a phase Cast build, which to me means a build that makes phase cast work, whereas yours is a totally non PhaseCast build that just happens to use phase Cast because of an anointment you have. Not a bad build, but also not what was requested

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lol well if by phasecast build you mean a build that use phasecast as a primary source of damage it is certainly not, still phasecast is required for my build to work

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Thanks for the replies guys, that is the kind of discussion I was looking for :grinning:
I’ll try a few things and provide my feedback as well!


You would think the people programming items and the people programming skills would be working side by side. I can’t really use this as a way to excuse GBX from miscommunication with there community. It’s similar to the change to Tesla type grenades not procing Vamper. The change was made without documentation or the description of the skill changing. They need to be way more on top of this stuff instead of expecting stand out community members sharing these changes.

I’m also wondering if the change was made to better validate the addition of the Golden Rule Class mod.

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Idk. I’ve never used Phasezerker aside from a weird stunt to instagank Katagawa Jr. So I don’t know if the cooldown change is really different or not. I just got bored one night and tried a Golden Rule Slam build. I loved that, and joked that I had to make a cast build…and then I did. While looking at things, I noticed the Phasezerker could ramp up the cast damage, so I grabbed the one I saved and tried it out.

The Zerker is SOOO good for the build I’m just floored. I never used cast even in normal mode because I was bad at it. And now it’s my favorite Amara?

…get an ASE Shock and ASE Corrosive or Cryo Grenade/Shield team and my build goes from “That’s some good work” to “uh…maybe a Lil broken”

I don’t like those anointments, cause pretty much all the rest is useless now.

Oh, I’m not a fan of them. But I am just saying, it completely breaks an Avatar PhaseCast build. Like. It let’s you add the bonus elements to your second cast. I just ran Athenas m4 dying twice because I’m using a really not good for me shield. But I just killlled things with cast because of them. It’s rather crazy. But…I prefer a different set of anointments. So. I’m gonna go back to them.

But I wanted to prove that a full cast build could be broken to a point of absurdity. And I did it. So. Yay me?

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