Any good Tediore guns, perhaps for Zane?

I want to work on the Rewards Card achievement, but I’m not aware of any Tediore guns that are functionally more than gimmicks for anyone other than Moze, and even then I don’t know if they’re good on her nowadays.

Any good ones I should farm for while the event is up?

I got a smart gun because I like it, but, again, pretty sure it’s a gimmick (I think that floating guns like Ten Gallon may need a buff, not sure they’re affected by modifiers when not in hand; I may be wrong, though).

I’m pretty sure Anarchy is the best tediore weapon definitely worth getting if you don’t got. I think the mirv tediore gun is still good. My personal fav which is pretty ok is the gunerang or was it bangerang not the strongest but its the coolest in my opinion.


Oooh, Anarchy. Forgot about that. Good call :smiley:

I have been having good luck with the Brightside. Fire one shot then throw it. Does some nice damage.

Anarchy is the best tediore weapon to date still.

I dont know if the clone can stack it. I spawn him eith launchers always.

Electric+ transformer.

I’ve been trying to get him to use launchers, but the backburner keeps crashing my game

Eek i use em with the plague bearer. He cleared whole areas for me pre buffs.

Thats horrible thats happening to ya.

It is too bad on the crashing. Definitely use the plaguebearer if you can’t use the backburner. I’d recommend the globetrottr too but it is not really worth the hassle to farm.

The Mongol is not bad either, and you can get the It’s Piss grenade at the same time.

With the right anointments the Ten Gallon can be really good for Zane provided your using a times 1 variant, Seein Dead and have extra points in Playing Dirty which can guaranteed you an extra pellet thus doubling its damage without the gun damage penalty of a x2 part.
Second want some Rate of fire likely a single point in Violent Violence and the fact that it can stack along with the drones augment that gives rate of fire will make up for this guns low ROF.
What I usually do is throw every other mag after one shot to have the drone active most of the time.

There’s that Polibyous (or whatever it’s called) and the Foam a Dizzle (sp?) shotguns

Polybius and Flama Diddle. Both those shotguns are weak though…

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Not sure about Zane, but I have had a lot of fun chucking a Sureshot++ with Splash 200 with FL4K. It has been very consistently blowing up mobs and a couple chucks kill most BA’s.

I figured it out; crashing was because I forgot to turn off my VPN.

A little something left over from when I was working in China XD