Any good ways to farm glitch weapons?

I have been farming the final boss for a long time now, and I honestly feel that it would be a major help to all players if anyone can share their methods of farming. I am really looking for a glitch hyperion shotgun, to replace my viral marketer, but I cannot seem to find it, and the boss is getting boring. If anyone has help on how to effectively farm these weapons please comment below


Check this thread. How to farm Glitch Weapons 100% legit! - NO GLITCHES, NO CHEATS

Thanks alot :wink:

glitch box farming, denial mini boss, final boss farming, mutator arena are all good sources

You know in the beginning when you get your first glitch weapon from that loot container that comes out of the dumpster after you follow Claptrap’s consiousness? You can just save and quit then you’ll be able to do it all over again. It gives you a guaranteed glitch weapon every single time