Any good WF early game incursion clips?

Looking for some decent clips of solid WF play in the very first 10 mins of incursion.

Not just noob stomps either…actual high level WF play in an evenish matchup…in incursion.

I don’t know if this is too much to ask. I’ve looked everywhere…everywhere!

It’s tricky for a game’s character meta to grow when it’s so hard to even find legit replays or spectate a match…This kind of goes for the other 28 some odd characters as well, but im in particular struggling in high lvl incursion play with whiskey pre level 4 and would just love some video of “how it is done”.

Dunno if anyone can point me in the right direction. A link maybe? Thanks!

I’ll ping the man… The myth… The legend… For you:

@timtoborne, someone needs Whiskey advice!

Careful with this one, @jaden374; he’s starting to think he IS Whiskey…




Anyway, I doubt you’d want any footage I could give. I play more passively than a hooker on prom night.
That… didn’t work as well as I thought it would.

REGARDLESS. I can give you verbal advice, as that is just to mind your positioning. Whiskey’s got no reliable means of escape, so that means you have to play from mid to long range. In addition to that, you also gotta focus minions.

When you are playing Whiskey, your sole responsiblity early game is murdering those adorable little robots. And since your skills are all single target until level 4, you’ve gotta rely on decent aim with your rifle to get kills and most anything else. Duh, that tactical rifle sure isn’t a paper weight!

So make your your aim is at least half decent. Please, for the love of Minrec, I’m tired of seeing people with lower than 60% accuracy on Whiskey. Recoil management might be tough with his ult at first, but practice makes perfect, and even I’m not perfect yet. Average is around 70-75% for me.

I always run this build:,-1,1,-1,0,0,-1,1,-1,1,

Allows me to support myself so the healer has one less f*cker to babysit.

Plus, Triple Slow Napalm nades, and a damage amp shotgun blast = One dead motherf*cker

Whiskey rewards patient play, because once you hit mid game, you are nearly impossible to kill. Just play it safe, and murder a lot of robots.

Don’t be afraid to run, if you’ve got close to half health, I suggest humping a health station till you’re maxed, or as close as you think you need.

Sorry if this isn’t too helpful, my methods work for my madness.
Just remember,

“Retreating doesn’t make you a loser, dying does.”

You can quote me on that sh*t. If you are not 100% sure you can take a fight, don’t take it. At least not before you hit your stride.

@HandsomeCam Thanks for the tag, btw xD Hope I could help.

EDIT: ALSO! Run either the shield pen helix, or the “what shields?” helix if either Kleese or ISIC are on the enemy team. They are such massive fatasses, that it’d take a miracle for you to miss your shots, assuming you’ve practiced.


Damn, i wish i wasn’t out of likes, because that is THE most instructive, in-character training i have ever heard.

Now i REALLY hope someone pings me for Toby advise… Though i know i’d just apologize and swear more than give constructive advice…


Thanks pal! I LOVE helping people out! This game needs more tutors, and more… tutees?

Yeah, that’s… probably right. ANYWAY, everyone help each other out! Live together, or die alone!

Or you can be a dick, and I’ll kick your ass. Try me.


Toby starts moaning loudly in a provocative, sexually sounding manner, then runs off.

(Seriously though; i’m glad i haven’t had to fight you yet, as i REALLY hate Whiskey mains, and i DON’T want to hate YOU, haha.)

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Eh, I’m not too tough to beat. I’m just hard to kill. I am a tad rusty though, so I doubt I’m still up to snuff.

W/o my teammates pushing, I can’t get a whole lot done other than harass tanks and snipers and be a general pain in the ass, and face.

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Wow… Me to the “T”…
“Y”, dude…

I don’t play ANYWHERE near what i used to, and only when asked. I can’t handle sh*t like i used to either, and also rely too heavily on my team. Ah, well…

Thank God for “Forum Friends”, or i’d have given up on PVP months ago :slight_smile:


I liked it for you already my man

You’re good people.

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You covered for me before so just returning the likes

But you gave me my song!

0_o when did I do this?

O’ HandsomeCam!
Your name is de-rail-ment!”


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Now I do!

@jaden374, sorry about your thread, buddy! This, just… Kinda happens around me. I hope you’re at least entertained!

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Hey Timtoborne,

Thanks for the response! I am closely reading it and appreciate it. I just PM’d you a question about WF play now.

In regards to the topic of this thread though… i still wouldn’t mind someone or anyone popping up a “first 10 mins of WF” high level / evenly matched game incursion BB video :slight_smile:

Not to OT this, but like…take smash4.

There are characters in smash i was clueless with how to truly develop. I’d read the meta breakdowns and strats and take what I could.

But then I would watch top players and see the performance capability there. And it was as one can imagine, extremely eye opening seeing a visual gameplay example.

However, I did read what you wrote and it was awesome. I’m on the hunt for something visual now :slight_smile:


Yeah, once you can see enemies picks… I don’t plan on seeing many Toby’s. If I do, at least two people on my team can hard counter him

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I’ll take him anyways… And win. Maybe…

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(It helps that the chances are high there will be 3 + forumers to outcountersnipe the countersniper sniping the sniper, who is you. So many people here actually terrify me with how good they are. I finally played with @SirWalrusCrow and I’m afraid. Luckily, the wealth of good players increases the chances of a video turning up around here :p)