Any good WF early game incursion clips?

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Walrus? Yeah… I’m so incredibly relieved that he is part of the group i regularly play WITH. Even if he wasn’t an elite, he’s a fun guy to be in chat with.

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I look forward to one day seeing this mythical video you speak of :slight_smile:

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Ha, you don’t want any footage which I might’ve had (which I don’t) considering Whiskey is my biggest of all achiles heels in this game! When I went for the 25 Oscar Mike kills for his lore I just ended up spamming quick-melee until they died or got pushed off the edge of the maps :sweat_smile:

I will regret saying this I’m sure, but a Whiskey has never scared or worried me. Funny thing is, and I think Whiskey is the only character I do this with, is that I reverse potential compliments into insults for others. Instead of saying “Wow, you really know how to play Whiskey!”, I end up thinking “Wow, my/their team must really be bad to let Whiskey kill them!”. I’ve definitely seen good Whiskey players though, but a Whiskey never worries me :grin:

I wish I could help, but as I wrote above, Whiskey may be one of, if not by worst character in the game (not to mention I seldom play Incursion as I don’t like it). I’ve been meaning to save more raw, full gameplay videos of matches that can be a good showcase for at least how I play various characters. I’ve forgotten though and have had really good games as Toby, Kelvin and Melka specifically though I never actually saved footage of them. As of now I only got gameplay of Miko on Outskirts, Melka on Face-Off Outback and Ambra on Outskirts. But I will try to add more to the collection!

As far as Whiskey’s tactics (apologies for the derail and completely relevant info above), @timtoborne summed up my typical approach to Whiskey gameplay-wise. Just farm minions, to get some levels. After that? I don’t know. As Whiskey I end up just chasing thralls. If I would’ve saved the last match I had with him in Incursion. You’d have seen me in Monuments going for minions for the first couple of minutes followed by thrall hunting. At one point I think I captured them 4-5 times in a row as I jumped in and grabbed their thrall as well. Beyond that? I just spray and play!

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Wanna bet? +_+

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ISIC: Bring it on! I f*cking dare you. 90% of my opponents die screaming.

Toby: He’s talking to ME!

ISIC: Oh. Then your adorable little goose is cooked, fella!


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Then clearly, you’ve never met a good Whiskey.

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You… Don’t want to f*ck with Walrus, haha. Dude is scary with even Miko. Still… Whiskey worries ME.

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If you haven’t met someone who makes a character scary, then you haven’t met someone who plays that character well. I’ve met some very scary ISICs, and Oscar Mikes, and normally, those characters die pretty easily to a semi skilled Whiskey.

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Fair enough, but character choice DOES have an effect on it. For example, i doubt my Toby would ever scare a good Whiskey. I don’t think Walrus mains any characters besides Miko who could be considered counterable by Whiskey, which could play into him not being “bothered” by a good one.

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I’ve met a handful of alright Whiskey players and I’ve had no problem blasting them apart as ISIC.

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It’s not a matter of skill, it’s a matter of his kit. Pushing a Whiskey is relatively risk-free comparatively to most other Battleborns as his kit doesn’t contain much “trickery”. High DPS-bursts, CCs, debuffs, escapes etcetera. Because of that, Whiskey’s ability to push is fairly straight forward as well and typically predictable.
This is why I’m typically speaking more hesitant to push a lesser skilled Galilea rather than a better Whiskey for instance. Galilea has way more trickery and doesn’t require too much skill to use (relatively speaking) which makes for an unpredictable fight. She can CC, escape and block. Not to mention that she doesn’t need to aim properly to hit someone hard. With Whiskey, he can’t block, escape (in any significant sense, his self-pushback being the possible exception in certain scenarios) and only one CC which is typically either easily avoidable or tanked depending on character. And Whiskey may be one of the characters in the game which requires best aiming and recoil-controlling skills in the game, which makes it so that one can always jump around to make his job a lot harder to hit you.

Now granted, what’s considered to be “scary” is subjective and I think this is where we might not be on the same page. Because if I’m playing Toby against a Whiskey, who is arguably one of his biggest counters, then I’m not pushing him if he’s targeting me. If he’s pushing me, I fall back. If this is what is meant by being scared, then I am. But I wouldn’t say that I’m scared as I calmly back off slightly (as I play Toby like a sniper from the backlines) to move out of his line of sight, that’s all it takes to counter him (though it may be oversimplified).

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I always do well as Whiskey because I am a very defensive player by nature. I don’t push a lot, but if the enemy pushes, they die. That being said, his ult and scrap cannon do not help in most situations.

I play a lot of Whiskey, and I don’t play him aggressively, and that’s because his kit isn’t made for it. Every other character that is meant to be played on the front lines has either a large health pool, CC, or a reliable means of escape.

Whiskey doesn’t have that, but his scrap cannon is worthless at long range, where Whiskey is best played. It’s got a wound on it, which will be made useless after Beatrix is released, and you can make it have a reveal, which still requires you to aim the cannon, and hit a very hard to see target.

The only saving grace of that helix, is that it also applies a damage amp to Whiskey’s gun on that target, but even then, it requires you to be in close proximity to the target to make full use of it before they get away.

Then his ult. Some people say it’s the best part of his kit, and that’s because they don’t play Whiskey much.

A full auto rifle with increased damage sounds rad on paper, but with a long start up time, and the loud callout, very noticable animation, and loud callouts, most everyone will be out of your line of sight before you can shoot them much.

Not to mention the tedious cooldown animation the gun goes through before you can reload your gun.

Whiskey’s ult is best used against a sentry when the rest of your team is running interference.

I know I’m all like “Oh, kleese and ISIC are dead meat!” but that relies heavily on your skill, and their stupidity. AND your team. The only reason I say it’s that easy is because if nothing else, they’ll leave their energy rift nest for a bit to avoid your ult.

Sorry, this has just devolved into a rant, but F*CK dude, Whiskey’s rad as hell, and he needs a rework. Throw the crap cannon and the overdrive into the garbage, and give him some actual utility and reliablity. Sustained dps is not a good enough reason to say a character is balanced.

Whiskey Foxtrot is still the best character in the game. Make no mistake, I HATE his ult and his scrap cannon, but beyond that, he’s the best. You’re not allowed to disagree!

EDIT: If you’re wondering what’s caused my sudden tude change, and my sudden lack of a sense of humour that I try to put in all my posts, I got about 2 hours of sleep last night, and I was stuck in my stuffy room all day because some assh*le thought it’d be funny to turn my lock around in my sleep.

Been watching mythbusters reruns and playing pokemon mystery dungeon all day to pass the time.

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Agreed, Whiskey doesn’t have much going for him at the moment and could use a rework. I’ve had more fun with him recently with his Legendary and a full-on recoil blue piece of gear, truly makes him able to sustain damage against single targets, and makes me able to actually land some shots!

Ha, no worries. Wasn’t sure when I wrote my message whether I’d come off as defensive and/or pretentious!

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As far as a Whiskey Rework goes, I would make the 3 charges to Scrap Cannon built in at level 1. Then I’d change his level 8 helix to say either increase wound duration by 4 seconds, or increase damage of Flak by 20%. Overdrive should have 100% shield penetration built in. Replace the shield pen at level 10 with a slow.