Any help with anything

Anyone need any help with anything im op 8 on every character got loads of weapons i dont need aswell

I’m looking to co-op with someone who knows where the goods are
GT: PlayaNaZty187. Hit me up if your down I’m on now

Yeah man ill play it with you what level r u

What’s your GT?

I have a op 8 zerker and zero


Is it 82 cause I was only able to put the 8

Yeah soz bud

I added you I’m on now if you want to bang ■■■■ out

Yea im looking for someone to run the campaign with on UVHM im a lvl 61 and just finished bloodshot stronghold, I would also like a hand getting through dragons keep but if you are op8 that means the drops would be useless to me.

Yeah man ill help u out no probs