Any hint that the BLPS grinder making a comeback in BL3?

Just like it says on the tin.
Would be nice upgrading white, green, blue trash items, add anointed effect like adding luneshine.

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Sadly, it does’t appear so. We’ve seen a tour and some gameplay of the main base and nothing similar seemed to be on it. I won’t say it isn’t possible, but it seems pretty unlikely. Also, not sure what the Eridium situation is, but there are already multiple ways to spend it, so if you also had to use it on the Grinder… just seems like too many things to spend it on. Spreads the resource too thin.

I’d love to see it though. Got some of my most used gear with it.


My most fav weapon was an X-1 Luneshine ignore 30% shields on athena… Seeking ammo than wrecked eridians and fleshy things…
I have been watching the vids of Sanct 3
I have seen a blue slot machine, a red one, and a yellow one all with odd ball designs. Not crazy earls.
Also the MAchine that gives back forgotten loot looks nearly identical to a grinder. I was hoping perhaps it had more than one function. I have seen some other interactables that streamers would allways avoid, almost intentionally…
Perhaps it is an upgrade to sanct 3 via Atlas main story line.
It is why I was putting out some feelers. Since some unknown new info was shown last day of pax.

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