Any hope for further TPS DLCs?

Do you guys think Gwarbox has painted themselves into a corner DLC wise, and is there anything they coukd / would be able to do to enable the release of future TPS DLC?

Do you guys think they
even care enough about thr game to continue supporting it beyond patches & potential bug fixes?


Sorry, had too.


I don’t think it’s a question of whether or not they care (the devs almost certainly do care about what they created), but the economic case that can be made for more content, combined with the technicalities of what can be added to the game within the constraints of consoles. They shoe-horned in the head-hunter packs to BL2, but there was enormous interest in more content for that game. As much as I like TPS, I’m not sure you can say the same about it, so the cost/benefit case is going to look quite different.

I think that they thought this dlc wouldn’t be very sucsesfull so they ended the possibility of future doc for the game. I loved the claptastic voyage dlc but I don’t like the idea of it being the last dlc for pre sequel. I wish they would put out more raid bosses, more skins and many even the overpowered 8


It is quickly sliding off the steam charts. There is no way we are getting more DLC other than mini head hunter apps. This game did its job in raising capital to help Battleborn get across the line and there will likely be a large gap now til BL3.


I always thought there would be 4 DLC for TPS like they always advertised but now everyone is talking about the next DLC while we already had 4 of them. Headhunter packs are probably the most likely to come next, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up for anything larger than those.

It also bridged the console transition, and gave people what they’d been asking for - a trip to the moon and the space station. If it hasn’t received the same level of acclaim and loyalty as BL2 let’s face it - that was a REALLY tough act to follow. The rate I’m progressing right now, I should be just about done with BL1, BL2 and TPS by the time BL3 launches (sometime in 2017 perhaps?)

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ya im vary upset with the DLC and whole game in general. Borderlands 2 was a great game awesome DLC and i expected the same from this. when i saw that there would be four packs i assumed it would be like BL2 with 4 campaign add on’s and 2 characters, but now looking at the way they display buying the season pass…

The holo dome was a joke too, i have no problems with the other DLC we got. i just didnt expect them to rip us off on how much we got.

dont think ill be buying BL3 till all DLC is out and when its free with “the game of the year addition”

Edit: however it does say all DLC will be out by October so i have my hopes up for some new stuff

Anything can happen. But I don’t expect any more DLC for TPS.

In before it becomes a thread about what people thought would be in the season pass


I will not be satisfied until I get 3 more story DLCs.


Therein lies your disappointment.

They told us at release that the game would not be supported as much as BL2 was.

I was expecting 2 characters, one or two stories and one level cap increase… I’m not disappointed.

Maybe they’ll release an extra thing if the handsome collection sells well, but I’m not holding my breath.


Play borderlands in your dreams and imagine your own DLCs.


The problem with all of this is that too many players maintained the same reference point from BL2 when they purchased TPS and the season pass. So the season pass for BL2 veterans meant 4 story campaigns not 1 story, 1 level cap and arena, and 2 characters as in TPS. Rather than just take TPS on face value as a new game from a different developer with a different vision of where to take the series, it was instead expected to be more of the same (BL2). Personally, I didn’t want more the same because I was already burned out of it. Story doesn’t matter much to me if the characters have glaring problems in their design, gameplay is imbalanced, and core mechanics don’t work as they should. If you consider these three elements, TPS outshines BL2 with every one of them.


Which is a little weird, because the details on what the season pass would contain were quite clear. I remember reading it and thinking long and hard about whether I’d actually buy it. I only did so after the release of Timothy/Jack when I finally decided that I’d get all four items regardless, so it was better to buy the season pass.

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Exactly. Players that were most disappointed in the content of the season pass never adjusted to the content of the new season pass in TPS. They still expect new story to this day. Why? Because that’s just the way it’s been which is no reason that things can’t change.

I did… It was nothing but millions of Sythids… That was not a pleasant dream…

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Eeep! :open_mouth: