Any hope for Prestige system in the fall update?

This is something that’s been discussed a lot already, but I haven’t heard anything about it in a long time and with the final update to the game approaching I just have to ask again in the hopes it’ll make it into the patch.

For those unfamiliar, it’s basically a system that would let you reset your progress when you reach the max level in something. It could be character levels, command rank, lore challenges, campaign level scores etc. Gearbox has this system in both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands TPS so it wouldn’t be unheard of for them to add it to another one of their games.

For myself, and a lot of others I’m sure, not getting any character progression after a long match seems like a waste. As such I find that I rarely play characters that I’ve reached level 20 with despite the fact that I love them more than others. If I had some way to reset these characters, I know I would have a lot more fun with the game since I’d be playing characters I actually want to play instead of my 2nd or 3rd choice (29th or 30th choice for some people).

Obviously with updates for the game coming to an end I wouldn’t expect to be able to earn new skins or titles, but even a commander pack or some credits while having a constructive reason to play a character again would be enough. Loosing helix mutations probably wouldn’t be all that great, but I’d deal with it to have a reason to go back to my favs.

Character Levels, Command Rank, Lore Challenges, and Campaign Mission scores (at least first diamond) are the things I would love to prestige. Anything else you would like to be able to reset in your game?

(please don’t make me reset OPs missions progression. Grinding up 10 playthroughs to get max score was already tiresome the first time)

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I think the main problem would be those games have a local save and profile while BB uses the Amazon data.
It would however be something I would enjoy.

Lets not give them any reason to not do this.

Seriously though, that shouldn’t matter. If they can increase a character’s level from 19 to 20 with Amazon’s data, they can roll over that data to “increase” a level from 20 to 1. Even more simply, they can just write a 0 to that data set. Everything else in this game requires server data to be downloaded at every step. This would just be one more thing, and a very infrequent one at that.

Adding a Prestige to the game would require a lot of work in the background, and as the team has moved over to ‘the other’ game development, not likely anything other than cosmetic or balancing requirements will take place.

It would have been a nice edition from the outset, but just mastering all those BB’s took some effort anyway, so it’s not something i ever thought of. I used to prestige loads in Borderlands 2, but not sure i’d be interested in BB. Maybe you should put a vote up to see how many players would have liked it implemented?