Any idea if this is a hacker?

No idea where to put this so please move it if need be. I was just playing battleborn meltdown and for somereason about half way through the match another me appeared. The way it moved seemed bot controlled is there anyone else that has experienced this? Is it part of the update? It would be nice if some light was shed as i am a bit concerned it may have been a hacker. It was on xbox one. Also is it a bug with deandes holotwin? Please someone shed light.

Once in a while you get a bug with holotwin like that. It’s probably not a hacker, but you might want to post the match ID just so the bug can be documented

I had a match of Saboteur where our Deande had like, 10 clones rolling at once at the end. Needless to say the ending wasn’t much of an issue. I hope it wasn’t hacking because I want as few instances of it as possible… I’d also love to have that happen to me.

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If it was a bug then thats fine i didnt document the match id i was actually just trying to see if it has happened to other people. Anyway it never happened and was my first time seeing it so i was confused at the time. Anyway nice to see others have seen the bug.