Any Idea what I'm doing wrong for "Hat Trick" Lore challenge?

Completed all other lore challenges for Orendi days ago, but Hat Trick is still stuck at 0/10. Been spamming Shadowfire Pillars for days since the build I use is a Shadowfire Pillar spamming build anyway, with all the cooldown reduction for it stacked up to the max. Even been counting how many times I use it during a match. Even without counting the secondary pillar attack from Encore I’m getting to 60+ uses in PVP matches and the lore challenge is still at 0/10. During open beta I unlocked it without even trying, it was one of the first ones I got just through playing the game. Am I missing something? Any help or advice would be super useful.

50 times per game, 10 times. So you need to play 10 full games, PVE or PVP, in which you used it 50 times in each game. Maybe don’t get encore, that might be dicking with it (it sucks anyways).

I literally played The Voids Edge 7 times in a row to get this challenge.
It’s a grindy challenge, honestly pretty ridiculous, but you’ll know you met the 50 times in a match thing because a challenge thing will pop up telling you you put a point in the lore challenge, and honestly sometimes I didnt notice the pop up and was worried towards the end that i didnt get it but i used it All The time, Orendi is a very special move kinda character, her real power is her cool down reductions.
She can use a bunch of powers in a row, repeatedly because each power cools down the other with the right skills.

Try to build around cool downs and just run into The Voids Edge or whatever mission you’d prefer, I like that one given its shortness.

This is a ■■■■■■ little hint, kinda scummy but totally within bounds. Simply go into a campaign, chapter 1 works, and just throw out your pillar. Or if you want, snag a cdr item, level up a bit to get some cdr bonuses and just stand there and spam it. You don’t have to actually hit things with it, just use it.

Go run heliophage with it. I did it on advanced but you can run it on normal and prob use it like 200 times lol

I found that on PC at least turning the Ability Activation back to STANDARD from INSTANT under Settings > Gameplay is a work-around fix for this. Maybe try this on PS4 and report back? - [SOLVED] Orendi Lore Challenge Nice Hat Trick Not Progressing