Any idea when Battleborn is playable again?


This thread is not just to complain. Since matchmaking is dead for a lot of PS4 Euro players, I am wondering when this will be fixed? I am waiting 38 minutes for a match now, and as you can understand, it frustrates me a lot. So my main question is, when can my friends and I play normal matches (like with the Open Beta and the first two weeks). Also, is it possible to get a refund, since it really is unplayable at the moment (for me and 6 friends from the Netherlands who I play with). Like I said before, I don’t get the idea Gearbox is really taking this serious, since most US players have no issues. That why I think it won’t be fixed the next few days and I will buy a new game to play.

Anyway: When can I expect to play Battleborn again, without having to wait ages in matchmaking?

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SInce when is matchmaking dead? I’m in the EU and I play most evenings and haven’t had much of a wait ever in matchmaking (I don’t think I’ve ever had more than 5 mins, usually it’s much lower).

What are you saying ? I’m French and I get a game in 5 minutes during the day and 2 minutes during the evening. I’m on PS4 too.

Check your connection or something.

Well, as you can see in another thread, Matchmaking is dead for many players. I am very happy for you that you can play this game, but a lot of players cannot. I can play every game I want, but only BB gives matchmaking issues. I have a 100up/100down connection that works flawless. Again, glad it works for you, but this thread is not ment for guys with no problems.

Edit: I have just finished a 55 min wait and played my first game of the day!

Have you raised a support ticket? It might be worth doing so if you haven’t already. It could be some specific issue that needs identifying seeing as there are many EU players who don’t have problems with matchmaking.

Good tip, I have not. Where can I do this?

You can submit a ticket via the link on this page:

I also heard that some people had to open specific ports in their modem/router so they could play and not have to wait an hour for a match. But specific info about which ports I dont know unfortunatly. Ill try to find something.

I found info about the ports that are used by pc / ps4 etc. You can check if those are available in your modem.

let us know: what is your winrate for the mode you have to wait?

50% winrate. I have won 25 of my last 29 matches, but overall 50% winrate. I’m playing Meltdown on PS4.

If you don’t mind playing with fat, lazy Americans, my PSN is Bnegative. Seems to me GBX just has a server system that’s far too segregated among countries. Okay for some, not for others.

Lol:D I don’t mind, as long as it works! Gonna try Port Forwarding, allthough it’s pretty hard to do in my router:(

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I’ve had that happen a number of times in the US but I would never wait so long. 5 minutes at most before I’d back out. What I found to fix this is back out, and queue again. A match usually pops up within a minute or 2.

I have forwarded the ports and changed some settings. First match was superfast, second unfortunately very slow.

Have you tried hard restarting your console? I know for Xbox it is sometimes an issue in finding games, so i occasionally have to hard restart it and that clears the cache

Well, i have this “problem” with Capture. But i think more about that this Game Mode is Dead since some Days? All others are working for me on PS4 - Austria.

Hoping the issue getting fast fixed for you!

BB is quite playable.

He’s having issues connecting with others. Seems to be a fairly common problem for different countries. Hopefully he’s able to fix it.

US PS4 player here, cannot find any matches on any modes.

Just submitted a ticket.

Approx 50% win rate.

Loving the game but am forced to play others right now (cough, recently released shooter) to get my pvp fix.

EDIT: Seriously? After i finished this post i queued up…and insta queue…was in queue for 20m before I submitted ticket…Fast customer service??

Canada (east coast) player here, on PC. For the past few days, it’s been almost impossible to get a Meltdown match going.

It makes sense though, the player count was over 12,000 at launch, and now it’s around 2,500, divided by 4 game modes, and I think Meltdown is the least popular mode. Too bad it’s also my favorite mode by far. It’s the main reason I even bought this game, because I had never played anything like Meltdown before and I love it. Yet after less than a month, it’s dead.

I’m not even blaming the matchmaking at this point, just the player count. Though my MMR is also pretty high probably, but that’s never been a problem before. Either way, I can’t play anymore. Guess I beat the game…