Any Idea When We’ll See A New Takedown?

I haven’t really played much since the release of DLC 4 so I was wondering if anything’s even been remotely teased about a new takedown or are they sticking it out with 2 for the foreseeable future? I wonder why they’re so few and far between. WE NEED MORE RAIDS!!

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Educated guess. After two DLC or 6 to 12 months.

Because they’re not cheap to make. Time and money are scarce.

So far the only thing we know about Year 2 is new DLC with new mode and 4th skill tree. More info about this DLC will be shared on BL Show this month.
I guess more Takedowns are planned for Year 2 as well.

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Is there a date for the BL show this month?

Not yet. My bet is second half.


Probably not this year, but if, I don’t think it’s gonna be before mid-december. Takedowns are just kind of expensive to make because it requires a completely new map, likely at least one or two new enemy types and 2 new bosses with their individual mechanics as well as some new gear to get from them.
And Takedowns are free content, mind you (iirc Gbx have stated that they are not planning on making paid ones) so they aren’t making money back on them, meaning that paid content like their new Arms Race DLC just ends up taking priority.
My personal guess would be some time early next year, maybe in march.

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They sold over 8 million copies, money should not be an issue


You have a lot to learn about business economics and real life.


If they put their limited time and money into things that people have been asking for I think that would be okay. They’re trying way to hard to make this a completely different experience from Borderlands 2 by adding things people just aren’t asking for. Even in terms of the upcoming DLC I would’ve much rather had just one new character instead of new skill trees and a new game mode I’ll probably play once or twice and be done with. Raids are in integral part to the franchise and only having 2 after a whole year kind of blows. If it takes to much time and effort to make a takedown then just add in traditional raid bosses like the ones in BL2 that the fans have been begging for since launch. I get what you’re saying but you have to see why the frustration is there.


Before launch I really thought this game was going to be raid after raid with all the vaults they had talked about going to on different planets, I really thought each one would be a massive re-playable raid of some sort.


:point_up_2: :+1:
Unfortunately. that’s far from being guaranteed.

My complaints about BL3 can be resumed by: Too much.
Too many of of everything. Shooting at too many targets and missing most. Too much focus on the Mayhem theme.

A good example is the shooting range. Many, me included, asked for an improved shooting range. Bit like TPS had with controls and … moving targets. :man_facepalming: :partying_face:
We got a stupid and useless carnival scam thing.
People asked for a way modify their guns. I think something like that in a Borderlands game should be highly restricted but could definitely be a positive addition.
Instead we got Mayhem random modifiers. We wanted more control. We now have less.

I differ here.
I, personally, would benefit more from an extra VH than extra skill trees. Business wise thou it’s not the best option. Also with four trees and Vault Hunters having multiple variations of action skills. It’s possible to have more variety than we ever had. Possible is the key word here…

Not fair to put it like that. :wink: We didn’t “only” had these two. We also had 4(?) events and mini event weeks. We had a lot of contents. Too much content. :wink: Not enough fixing and testing.

:man_shrugging: I’m speechless about those. Personally I couldn’t care less but they are a franchise staple.
Or were. idk :roll_eyes:

Oh I do! I’m frustrated myself. As much as everybody. Just more rational.
What pisses me off is dumb random complaints from wannabe trolls.

I love how people tend to assume they know everything about a person from one simple statement. Notice that I said ‘should’ implying that it isn’t currently the case but I believe that it SHOULD be.

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One single statement can tell a lot about a simple person.
And “should” have nothing to do with it.

Like seriously, this is so true. Maliwan Takedown was awesome, Guardian Takedown was meh but I’ve come to accept it, but we definitely need at least one takedown per planet. Takedown at Pandora, very please. Takedown at Athena, sure why not. Takedown at Eden6, needs to happen. If somehow Takedown at Gehenna can happen, epic.


If they do a Pandora takedown I hope they remember it’s not all desert.

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So do you and Gearbox if you think that the paid DLC business model is going to keep this game afloat. That ship sailed when Gearbox failed to provide any real engame content and left entire skills broken and the disaster Mayhem 2.0 system that they forced on us. Now, with less than 40,000 regular players out of the 8+ MILLION that originally bought the game, even if all 40k buy a DLC package for $15 that’s still only $600k. Maybe enough to pay 10 programmers for a year or so.

So that leaves you a choice. Either invest heavily in the game to bring players back and get more people to buy it, or cut your losses and move on to something else. Making excuses about how expensive a single map with no story or dialog takedown is to make isn’t going to get people spending more money on the game, which isn’t going to improve anyone’s economic situation… other than Gearbox’s competitors who will be selling new games and content to the millions who no longer play Borderlands.

Yeah, for sure. I’m a sucker for snow maps and seeing how good they pulled those off in DLC2, i’d love a pandora raid set in the snowy parts. Maybe even throw in bullymongs somewhere in a section of the raid.

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We didn’t have too much content! Those events were time limited and did not occur at the same time.
There’d be MORE people playing if they just kept those event areas in the game as opposed to removing them.


Short answer is: Don’t expect Gearbox to drop takedowns every 2 - 3 months or you will be disappointed. No matter what the numbers are and the amount of whisfull thinking you put behind them.

Sorry for late reply. It was late yesterday and good post deserve good answer.

I never said it will, nor the opposite. Afloat is also relative. From the largest cargo to the (relatively) small commercial fishing boat. They’re all “afloat”. Of course the expectations were for a huge flagship. Reality may differ.
Another thing is a game like Borderlands. Majorly played in solo, even thou it’s best enjoyed with friends. Does not require as big an active players base “ATM” than a team match PvP. All my friends I know personally and most of my BL friend list play other games but always appear from time to time. Casual gamers not necessarily into FPS much but enjoy their time in the Borderlands universe.

Where do you take the money? Because no one in the 21st century “invest heavily” cash from their pockets.
About the 8 millions sales. First we have no idea how much the game cost. all we know is the switch to Unreal 4 cost a lot of money.
… And time.
Once 2k took their cut and profit, if any. Because the gaming industry. Just like the movie industry. Big sales does not automatically mean big profit.
Minus the the different platforms / launchers cut. Who knows what’s left for GBX? Even if they did rack up a major profit. They won’t invest massively in the game, again. Contrary to some belief money does not trickle down to each project budgets. The “BL3 division” will have to live by itself.

The “too much” in bold was a reference to a post I made earlier. Could be on a different thread thou.
Let me rephrase myself.
There was too much happening. From March to June we had a series of massive buffs and notable nerf, the release of DLC 2, weekly events, the Cartel event, and DLC 3.
All amidst numerous… :thinking: “balance patch”? :roll_eyes:
Might not had ended with tons of new and permanent contents but they were shooting everywhere with no real focus. Each and every weeks over an exended period of time saw significant changes in “meta builds”.
Not a good thing.

There is different ways to lure back a more active player base and I don’t think MO’E MONEY is the answer.
An obvious corner stone for all of us is…

Even thou I don’t aprove the language you used. At least give an option to circumvent the modifiers. That need to happen. No one like it. The old Borderlands fans don’t like it. The CoD, Fortnite, and other “battle royal” fans they are so desperatly trying to attract don’t like it.
It rend the game pointless for timed run.

On thing the community showed time and time again they love is what I call “small active maps”. The likes of Takedowns and Events. They didn’t offer any for sale yet because they needed a couple for themselve. For the recurring events. That is something I can see in the future. Small “Headhunter Pack” style dlc offered at low cost.

Another thing I saw requested a lot that can be done without massive new funds is “Diablo III rift maps” Use portion of existing maps. Link them in some random fashion and give a little candy for completion. Gun parts to modify the ones you have sound like a good idea. But that will be wishful thinking! :grin:

If I could request something personally it would be a real shooting range designed to effectively test gear and their variant. I would pay $20.00+ for that.

I could go on and on but 'nough wall’o’text for now. I have a game to play. :wink:

On a side note: The Zane balance they are dropping today give me a little hope.
A little.