Any ideas on how to better balance Fl4k pets?

Hello, long time lurker first time commenter. By end game I find little reason to take anything else but the Spiderant Scorcher as a pet, who has both a great defensive passive and likely the best offensive passive as well. Additionally she get even more benefits coming from fl4k best skill tree; so most build will always have access to her.

I suppose some like… war loaders for gamma burst.

I was thinking gearbox should add anointments that specifies a certain pet similar to how Moze get damage buff too certain ironbear weapons. That could encourage diversity in the pets
Also be nice if the gunslinger jabber could shoot while in gamma burst so I wouldn’t have to use the loader for more pet builds
Thank you. Please excuse the bad grammar.

Edit some more thoughts
I was thinking that Gearbox should increase the speed of the Eridian Skag AC. The slow speed is one of the main reason I don’t use ES over GHS in pet builds, especially when I play co op , when I make the ES use the Ac on an enemy my friend take the enemy out before he release the blast . I complained to him once and he said well sometimes he steals my kills :slightly_smiling_face:
It doesn’t make sense that its so slow since deals much less then the GJ and CS .
I also though the ac should have a slag affect since it well Erdian. If they did this I think it would be cool for killer queen builds using the CS for heavies and ES for mobbing.

Edit some more thoughts and a small rant about the purple tree and pet builds.
The purple tree was overall a real failure (even if it wasn’t horribly bugged). I ended up getting it but only for two skills; Take This and throat ripper . I think some wanted it to be to help with the more common dps crit builds, but I can understand why they wanted to make it more pet oriented but it fails in this regard too. For one they gave us a loader, while useful, it completely ruins fl4k aesthetic of working with a cool monster and the cool interactions between robot and beast . Also I hate it when the loader does the heart thing so I don’t interact with it and avoid using it when at all possible. The loader also took the one main advantages the jabber had over the skag and spiderant by being able to hit flyers but now the loaders does that but better. Fl4k purple action skill is also terrible it doesn’t help your pets at all and its so borring I don’t think I would use it even if it was good(Unless it made the jabber or skag viable) . Gama burst (even with red fang )and rakk attack may be for the most part outclassed by fade away there still fun to use and make you feel like a beastmaster I can’t say the say same for the trap.
Sorry for going off topic, I really do like Fl4k and wanted desperately to be able to summon multiple beast like the trailers made out to be , so seeing the fourth tree kind of stung. Thanks for reading if you got this far.