Any ideas on how to make me a more efficient player?

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pretty much as per title, its seems to be taking me a horrific amount of time to get round the maps, im about 30hrs in according to steam and lvl 22ish (athena in the left tree), weapons are far from amazing but blues or purps and are at least within 2 levels, im currently going through the crashed dahl ship on elpis, it took me about an hour to clear (what turned out to be on the return trip) a short corridor and that seems to be about par for the course,

it feels like the mobs are endless and where i seem to spend an inordinate amount of time in ffyl hoping the enemies dont just run away so i cant shoot them, though they do for the most part and it is costing me pretty much everything in respawns

so i know its probably a crap question but what am i doing wrong? i dont think i have ever played a game that seemed so needlesly difficult or seemed to take so long to do so very little

I always play solo. A strategy that has helped me a lot is to look for safe zones in a map, rooms or corridors that form choke points where you can focus your attacks directly in front of you and get maximum effects for your grenades. Lure your enemies to these points if you can, shot them and loot them for gear. Often I take a look at a new map and find a room to run into, take a few hits but hopefully you can get there to camp out for a bit. Pick of enemies carefully to conserve you ammo. Use different weapon types to avoid never being able to find your main ammo. Sometimes as you enter an area you are in the worst position to attack if you can get to quickly other side of the map (make use of your action skill will probably help a bit) you will find the enemies are not able to group as well as it is designed generally for you to fight your way through and not from behind. Just my thoughts. Bad gear makes it hard, practice with guns you have and ditch the ones that are no longer effective.

Also, sometimes you don’t have to kill every enemy, you just have to get past them without dying. If you can, injure some without killing them so that if you get into FFYL you are more likely to revive. Faster you move and more erratic you move the better the chance you can get through an area taking on less damage.

I am no expert. I am just a casual player who doesn’t seem to be able to find any loot or ammo.

  1. Use snipers and headshot from far. This is better advice initially where you have no shield/health regen or hit hard enough to clear enemies before you go down. Enemies generally have crap aim from far, so use that to your advantage.
  2. Throw grenades. People just don’t throw enough of them. They are ridiculously OP in NVHM. It should be one of the first things you upgrade in capacity so you have enough to make it through every skirmish. Cryo is always good (damage is second to freezing enemies). Mirv grenades can clear rooms, but also take you down easily, so be careful.
  3. Freeze the badass enemies and switch to explosive to make quick work. Keep a nice freeze weapon handy for this (e.g. Two Scoops from Bunch of Ice Holes quest). Remember, cryo enemies take 3x crit and explosive damage and 3.5x melee damage. That means with an explosive AR or pistol, you could freeze them, aim for their crit spot and get a double boost. Use that to your advantage.
  4. For Athena, put a point into Maelstrom. Use shock and fire weapons (and maybe grenades).

The thing to do is let your preferred weapon get really low in ammo, then open a group of ammo crates without taking the ammo out of them. Then loot the opened crates all at once. What happens is the game will spawn a lot of the ammo that you’re missing, if it’s very low (like 1/4th of max, I think). This move refills my lasers from nearly empty if I can line up 6 crates, more or less. Even 3 crates will give you plenty to work with.

What is your build? Use this to show us

Tps can be quite frustrating especially with the flying butt monkeys all over the place. This infuriated me quite a bit when I first started because I wasn’t used to a ton of jet pack monkeys all over the place.

I will second going to a point at the map where you can sandwich them together so they can’t gang up on you.

The style of play in tps is different enough to cause some frustration it simply takes time to get used to it.

As for the map traveling, Get vehicles whenever possible. Unfortunately this is a common complaint, Fast travels are severely limited compared to bl2 so traveling long distances is required at times. I personally think this has something to do with Moxis potions so people can’t just travel quickly back and forth to buy potions when they run out.

I find electric weapons to be of more value in tps as well since virtually the entire game is full of shielded enemies.

Dont bum rush enemies either you’ll likely get overwhelmed.

I won’t claim to be an expert, just a long time gamer who loves this franchise.

I did the left build and then quickly respec’d to the middle build. The bleed and regen abilities of her sword are far more valuable IMO. build the middle and then go left young man!

Here is my build (for that level):

Keep in mind my Athena is currently a level 56 Bloodthirster (health regen mod)
So here is my current build:

Basically I focus on health regen, bullet damage, and maximum health.

I always carry a shotgun for the close stuff, a ice weapon for the BA’s, and an electric sniper rifle as the main weapon.
Snipe when you can, make them bleed and shotgun with your Aspis out when you can’t.

When in doubt, always max out regen. What’s the point in hiding and catching your breath if you can’t also refill your health?

Or come join me and I’ll level you up in an hour or so. :wink:

As for my other characters I have a LVL 55 Claptrap who is virtually impossible to kill (bonus to team regen!):

And a LVL 50 Baroness (spec’d for my wife who does not play video games):

For guns, I would just say use golden keys and vending machines. While it’s tempting to blow through large chunks of the game at once, it can be irritating at first. Golden keys are released somewhat regularly. Then, you can go back and re-visit areas to either: look for normal loot chests or moonstone chests. If you go the normal route you can sell whatever you know you wont use and hope the item of the day in the vending machine is useful. If you go the moonstone route you’ll always get at least a blue item back, and then chuck it in the grinder and hope for an “upgrade”.

For general gameplay, I’d say utilize every game mechanic (which I understand is hard if you are still learning).

Use elemental effectiveness. Use shock on shields, fire on flesh etc. It’s damage bonus vs damage penalty, should be no contest.
Have at least 1 cryo weapon. Badasses aren’t so badass when they can’t move.
You should have at least 1 way to reliably heal yourself. Be it a skill or a transfusion grenade or a class mod.
The game doesn’t have a cover mechanic, but that doesn’t mean cover doesn’t exist.
If you know you are about to go down, toss out a grenade (assuming this time your grenade is for power rather than for transfusion), it can get you back up much more quickly.
Similarly, if it’s the first time you’ve been put in to FFYL in awhile, use those extra few seconds to deal out some extra damage to the whole mob before getting a second wind.

For level designs, it’s mostly trial and error. Only reason I have all these levels and those from BL2 memorized (even the Lair of Infinite Agony) is because I spent countless hours lost in them, studying the map.

One way to get by pretty easy is to make sure your at the same or higher level than your enemies (mission level should be ‘Normal’ or ‘Trivial’). If not, look at side quests that give good chunks of XP and do those.

My Tip, is to find a “Playing Style”. Then go from there. As for me, through BL-1/2 and TPS. I NEVER used Grenades, Rocket Launchers, Action Skill, in TPS, Lasers. I run up on the enemy. I open EVERY Ammo Crate. Re-Load constantly. Even after 1-2 shots. I Farm/Buy/Vend for different Shields & Mods, etc. Same for weapons. I mix and match my shields and mods to the guns in my inventory. I’ve found what works best for my “Run & Gun” Playing style. Rifles: Explosive and Incendiary only. Pistols: Explosive, Incendiary, Corrosive, Electric. SMG: Electric, Corrosive, Incendiary. Snipers: Electric, Incendiary, Corrosive. Lasers: NO, except as a “Mission Item”. Shotguns: No, I keep 1 Explosive for “Emergencies Only”. If one of my main weapons runs out of ammo. and my other Favs won’t work. I break out a Shottie w/Mod. No Cryo in TPS. Except as a “Mission Item” then vend it!

At the start of a PT, one can’t acquire the Elementals one needs right away. So Standard weapons must be used.

It’s been my experience, that the Best Weapons I have. Have been from Marcus. Very few from Drops. In BL-1 & 2, most of my best guns, etc were from drops.

You just need to find the best weapons, combo of weapons, and related gear. Mess with your Skill tree too. I don’t do specific builds. Just what fits with my just Blasting away.

Good Luck!