Any info on Cataclysm?

Does anyone have reliable info on the state of Cataclysm? I’d love to see it added to steam or to the HWRM Collection.

There have been no updates since the initial discovery that Rock Star Games managed to lose the source code, which prevents the original version from being re-released and makes a remastered version more difficult.


Well…that’s consistent with what I’ve been hearing…what a shame. How do you lose a whole game? I’ve seen an attempt to make a steam mod for Cat but…from what I’ve seen it’s failed.

With the 2.x patch making Cata from HWRM isn’t impossible - it would have MANY compromises, but is surprisingly not too far off. If there’s ever any news about Cata on our end I’m sure you won’t have to ask as I expect the entire gaming universe to crow about it (because it is a constant fixture of any discussion about HW)…


What do you mean “not too far off?” I see you’re a GBX Programmer, have you guys been looking into Cataclysm? I still don’t get how a whole game is lost…surely there HAS to be some way to find the code right? I don’t know much about this stuff so please feel free to enlighten me. I’ve only watched playthroughs of Cat…I’d kinda like to play it myself

Well the Source Code was lost and I believe that the Cata engine was lost as well. Making a whole new Infecting System as well as all of the massive difference from the original Homeworld inside the RM engine might be money and time consuming and most game companies don’t like that.

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I know nothing about this but, there are still Disc copies of the game out there yes? Couldn’t you pull the codes and such from those? They kinda have to have those to run even on a Disc right?

I have Cataclysm and have played a lot of it, but I believe that the game files are hard coded and can’t just be extracted completely. The .Big files are not all the game uses and I suppose that when the game was lost they had all of the unencrypted files on one or two servers.

Ah so extraction wouldn’t exactly work…but would it be possible to maybe recover some of the game and help get it back? And wouldn’t they have a Back-up or a Database or something? Don’t hate me for what I’m about to say…but this sounds REALLY careless of them.

Well I understand what you mean, but “they” were not the same company that made the game, who knows what the server’s new owner thought about some files on their server, if you just wanted space you would delete old files anyway.[quote=“Zero101213, post:9, topic:1555040”]
but would it be possible to maybe recover

Again this is just speculation as I do not have Dev experience but whatever files I managed to extract in the Cataclysm.big files are modifiable but they are not enough to run the game.

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I don’t expect them to be enough but wouldn’t it help recover the game? And that’s a shame if it was wiped…

I know it’s a shame, I really wanted and still want a Cataclysm remastered but if it is too much work for not the biggest gain for GBX I doubt they will start it from scratch. If however they find the files somewhere I suppose they might have an easier choice whether to make it or not.

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I think GBX is aware this would be a big gain though. Whenever HW is brought up, Cat follows shortly. I do have HW2 in disc form but I derped up the res so it won’t function on this machine but I have it through steam now. I’ve found 1 mod that added cat ships to HW but for obvious reasons the sound files wouldn’t implemented. I think GBX’s big worry is just that the game is lost at this point and they can’t take the time to try to track down any trace of Cat. I understand that, I just wanted more info to see if it matched what I’ve heard and maybe…pitch some ideas to help recover Cat. There HAS to be a way. Nothing is truly “lost” not to get political but the Government can recover deleted files on a computer, this is kinda along those lines but I think the issue now is it’s been too long.

Well. Firstly I’m sure GBX do not have a country on their side to help get cataclysm back, sadly for us they are just a Game company. Secondly even if we could data can only be restored if it has not been written over before.[quote=“Zero101213, post:13, topic:1555040”]
I think GBX is aware this would be a big gain though. Whenever HW is brought up, Cat follows shortly.

Cataclysm was probably the least popular of the Homeworlds just because it was not very similar story to 1 and 2 and they did not attempt to fit it in to Homeworld 2. If it WAS an easy task then I bet they would make it but like I said earlier GBX would rather spend time on popular and profitable games.

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True to both. But again Cat’s success or not, we keep asking for it so the issue isn’t we won’t buy or play it. But what you said is true, they’re busy on their main games right now, but if they weren’t I’m sure they would be hunting down someway to recover Cat. I’m seeing mixed feedback on DoK already so it wouldn’t be that big of a blow to GBX. Granted GBX isn’t exactly in control of DoK but…most of what I’m seeing is people, I hope, assuming the devs have already abandoned DoK.

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Cataclysm would be great… but let’s not forget how too far off the Homeworld games are right now as is. They aren’t awful, just incomplete. Once those are finished and polished to perfection, then HwC would be ready to be birthed.

then HwC would be ready to be birthed. 

You mean Re-birthed but that’s a good point.