Any information on Cabaletta yet?

At the ending battle with Aria there is a second Sister at times, Cabaletta.
Anything known?

At times I’ve seen a character that looks like a double of Aria but I never actually looked at the name or saw a second boss bar with HP and shield so maybe I missed something.

She is a twin and when she appears they talk to each other.


Yeah, I’ve seen her then but I’M not sure if she disappeared because we killed her too or it was on her own but I didn’t see any health bar for her.

She only spawns at certain OPS points.

Now that’s interesting. I haven’t seen that yet. Could it be that the 30th Battleborn is Aria’s twin?

Uh, I believe it’s pronounced cha-bot-uh (ciabatta)

God guys… Get more sophisticated…


…Falla Portuguese? :smile:

So she’s a type of bread? :confused:

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…No, that witch just kilt me.
Playing as Kleese with 100 OPs, damage level was thru the roof and man she can deal it.

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Umm… C?

She popped up once during the battle, both Aria and her had an HP bar, 3 seconds later she disappeared from the game leaving only Aria. I’m guessing there’s a bug with her not sticking around.

She appears every time for me now that I’m getting 100 points per game. I’ve never heard her talk, though. She’s pretty easy solo - feels like she hits like Aria, but has less health and only a single phase. Usually can burst her before it becomes an issue. In a trio, the extra havoc on top of the grenade spam will possibly see a few team deaths, but sometimes she just melts before she’s an issue.

edit: should add, crits are extremely useful in making this fight go smoothly


I don’t think Cabaletta is an actual character. Think of it more as Aria’s version of a Holotwin.

Which would explain why she spams the same Aria attack, and is fairly easy to kill.


Nope, they talk to each other, and if that’s a holo-twin Aria is nuts. :slight_smile:

All I’ve heard her say when Cabeletta appears is “Rejoice with me!”

But… I’ve also heard that line when Thrall are popping out in earlier phases. Is there anything else she says?

Also, it’s pretty evident that she is nuts. What she did to Ambra’s dog… :sweat:

I’d be putting my money on body double / holotwin. Despite spawning with full health, Cabaletta goes down much quicker than Aria and has behaviour patterns are similar to Deande’s holotwins. Aria doesn’t have the most sound mind, so anything is possible :stuck_out_tongue:

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Very interesting. Deande should name her holotwins. Aria appears to be quite good at it

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I’ve been playing a lot of Marquis, and you can take her down in a single mag. At the same time, a single Bindleblast goes through Aria’s entire 50% middle phase though, so that’s not saying much

…That Ambra thing is deep, before the battle Ambra can go off the leash:
You know what you did!

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